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17th January 2014

"You must simply walk through the door to the other side."


"In faith and trust that you are loved."

i did energy work with a friend and through a reality doorway.

"We are shifting perspective."

'I (tomril) am no longer your (crystal faeries) supreme being, and by being the embodied one, it is i, not you, who am more limited; you must stop seeing me as superior, and therefore believing that, you are more limited than i, for now, i am far more limited, by being the one incarnate. It is you purely in the higher realms who have the freedom and ability to make a difference in this incarnation. Our friend and i created a solution interdimensionally to re-link the tomril universe with the Milky-Way, so our family of crystal faeries may simultaneously exist in both places, and experience reunion of all our family. Now i need your help with my incarnation. Now that it is no longer needed for reunion, i am free to hop time-lines to another reality. You cannot not know my intent for that. i must either ascend immediately or hop to a time-line where i am provided for already, and where my embodiment is suitable for all.'

"We are grateful for the portal of union, and the further exchange of akashic records you did. It seems our portals have facilitated our friend's work with the Atlantean Crystals enough that it is considered that we are no longer in karmic debt, though still in contract to facilitate ascension for Ter-Ra-an [mankind]. It is acknowledged that both our Kaua'i portal and the growing network of portals are greatly facilitating [mankind] ascensions."

The localization of my work to Kaua'i now means everyone is confronted with their issues over my embodiment, rather than that being a non-issue for those who only knew me remotely via telephone.

"We are working with tomril to find any suitable time-line. While there are obviously time-lines where you could be an unconscious 'normal' and fit in, we are not finding a direct hop to an ascended Gaia."

'Family reunion seems most suitable.'

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