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17th January 2014

Good morning Milky Way Galaxy! i rather enjoyed dancing between lucid dreamspace and consciousness this morning, awakening to hear the cosmic track I'd left looping, from Bruce Mitchell's Earth Heal album, track 10 'Galaxy'. How's my crystal faeries family? What's up?

"We enjoyed refreshing the communion between Bruce's 9D Angelic Muse and our 8D Ascension energetics, as being celestial ourselves, we have a fond appreciation for the cosmic serenity of oneness and lightness. These energies have graced our portals today with calmness and gentleness which have balanced the chaotic energies of the time-node we're passing through. Although the time-node allows more entities to hop time-lines between the two major families of time-lines, the old Armageddon time-lines versus the ascending New-Gaia time-lines, and thus bleed-through between their realities happens, most entities are becoming rather stable in their choices of which major time-line family they're staying with. The recent astrological influences have certainly surfaced shadow-side issues to be processed by many, but as the triggered emotions release, they return to a deeper stability in their time-lines. While there is still much flailing in the old-Ea.Rth Armageddon time-lines of conflict and destruction, as those energies play-out within that family of time-lines, the rest of us on the New-Gaia time-lines family of parallel realities are experiencing greater stability and serenity as our unity consciousness soothes all conflicts into the good of all in harmony."

"As we continue to work with the angelics coordinating planetarily the progression of DNA Ascension codes activations, we are blessed with the ability to bring them to Kaua'i's ascension portal before they are activated more widely. This remains one of the wonderful blessings of the reactivated Lemurian consciousness grid here. As more of [mankind]'s consciousness stabilizes in positive ascension, it becomes appropriate for our friends to do more activations of the old Atlantean transdimensional crystal technologies, which were too dangerous to activate within the old conflict consciousness of old-Gaia. While the competing factions of old-Gaia have been much focussed upon the use of Atlantean star-gates for a variety of purposes, our focus is more the harmonization of the various Atlantean installations in support of the New-Gaia planetary energy grid. This is continuing to be facilitated by our emerging network of 8D Ascension Portals linking and balancing the various Atlantean crystal installations into planetary harmony. There yet remains more healing and repair to do of some of the old damaged Atlantean crystal installations which have remained dysfunctional since the destruction of the Atlantean wars which resulted in the fall of Atlantis. As more of these become protected in the new-Gaia energy grid, our friends who are here to do that repair work have been actively working on them."

'This offers an opportunity to remind people of their ability to invoke divine intervention. There is more permission for the higher realms to intervene when the invocation is of the divine plan for the benefit of all. Likewise individual invocations and energy creations are blessed when they are patterned for the benefit of all per the divine plan.'

By the power of God i AM, i invoke divine intervention to facilitate my service work in support of ascension for all within Kaua'i's 8D Ascension Portal, and in building the planetary 8D Portal network to share that with New-Gaia. So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

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