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16th January 2014

Who creates my reality by their beleifs and free will choices, me celeste, you tomril, or our crystal faeries family?

"The needs of our family are obviously first priority. We have previously described that we need tomril incarnate as celeste to accomplish ascension for us, and that we have agreed to facilitate ascension for others as our service to complete contracts." -- crystalfaeries

'I have little free will choice which is not predetermined by our circumstances and mission. It is most expedient for us to utilize the DNA of your present body in our present time-line. Not even the walk-in scenario you request, much less a full reincarnation, can get us an ascending body in the time-frame required.' -- tomril

Why cannot we jump to an alternate time-line parallel reality where all these problems do not exist?
We should be able to use the time-line hopping the Hathors say is possible to get us all to a reality where we're happy and none of these problems exist.
What is it that you tomril or the crystal faeries are attached to in this time-line that we cannot exit it?

'It is about re-uniting the branch of family who stayed behind in the original tomril universe with the branch of family who came via ishnaa to now be in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are a limited number of time-lines which can bridge the galactic gap. This is what we have said is now our path as a family.' -- crystalfaeries

"As the one who was originally our equivalent of a 'supreme being', and as the one who led our group to ishnaa, you are still our mentor and leader in reuniting our family. This is why you volunteered to be point individual for ascension now. None of us wish your embodiment to be of any suffering or sacrifice, yet, it must accomplish ascension expediently to fulfill our path. The service work of facilitating others to ascend via our 8D Angelic crystal faery Ascension Portals is the karmic balancing of the help we invoked in creating them, so that we may use them to reunite our family across the gap between the tomril universe and this one." -- crystalfaeries

Many of our recent difficulties have been for your failure to so clearly communicate this truth to me before.

'As you know there are forces of interference, which as you celeste would choose, i tomril and we crystal faeries would rather duck than confront. You were quick to recognize the benefit we enjoyed from this creation being a complete surprise. Given that it is no longer in any way covert, we now have the consequences of the interference from those forces, and yes it has had blowback for your incarnation, celeste.' -- tomril

i comprehend the sacrifice of a casual pleasurable incarnation for the growth of our family, but i do not agree to suffer in this body. i have already experienced more than enough homelessness this incarnation, and am unwilling to so experience again. What have you to say about this?

'Your homelessness would serve no positive purpose, and we do not intend it. we protect you as we are able.' -- tomril

Why does everything hinge upon this one incarnation? Why are there no other crystal faeries also incarnate for this purpose?

"This was the optimum juggling of energies and resources by group decision. There are no other incarnations which are on-line with the mission, though they do contribute light to the overall planetary ascension." -- crystalfaeries

Can you say anything about our holding the Kaua'i portal open?

"We are sorry for the blowback effects of negative forces upon celeste's incarnation, but it is very close to predicted effectiveness in facilitating ascension, and has exceeded expectations in reestablishing the Lemurian energetics for Ter-Ra. While negative forces continue to stir minor troubles, as designed, the angelic contribution to the 8D portals has kept them fully functional, and the portal grid developing gently. celeste is effectively keeping Kaua'i portal clean, grounded, and active. Once celeste's housing transition is accomplished, we can get on with the Ascension Activations we initiated celeste to facilitate." -- crystalfaeries

Yes, thank you, channelling ascension codes in my facilitation has already made a great difference in my effectiveness helping others.

"For now the limiting factor is the number of beings ready to receive activations, not your ability to perform them, then over time you can initiate others to perform activations when more of the collective is ready." -- crystalfaeries

Thank you, i beleive that answers my extant questions. Is there anything else you'd like to share today?

'Relax your body fears despite being so isolated in the world. We know it is not the hug your body wants, but we surround you with love.' -- tomril

"We are sorry your intended partner / companion abandoned our mission. Stay focussed on your ascension and facilitating that of others. We are sorry it is so aetherically and astrally painful for you that you are still in the negative energies of your ex-abode, and how it drains from you all vitality and joy, and how that is mirrored by your refusal to play your flute there, so we'll just say that it is important to quickly reclaim that expression of hearts joy as soon as you get moved to your new abode. We cry with you for the darkness brought to bear against you by those who wish to see [mankind] kept enslaved. It is a sign of your success with our 8D portals, and of the chaos of transitioning to our time-line of rebirthing the Garden Isle. When you are facing doubt and mistrust, just look clairvoyantly at our 8D Ascension Portal over Kaua'i. It remains cleanly and strongly present thanks to our work. Its stability shall remind you that we shall succeed in our mission." -- crystalfaeries

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