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15th January 2014

What am i, Kaua'i, and the world to know?

'Trust that things are proceeding as they must, and that you will be provided for. Surrender to flow.'

"We are aware of the challenging changes, the intense emotions, and chaotic manifestation in progress. Hold to your principles and to your passions. Persevere.
Although there is volatility, turbulence, and chaos in the aethers, it remains true that we each continue to alter probabilities by our perseverence, in intending and expecting our preferred time-lines. Stay in your positive excitement, and dwell not in feared outcomes. It is the prepondernece of your energies which bias the outcome, even though you have moments of relapse to old time-line energies, or external forces momentarily intrude on your new time-line pattern. And the divine continues to bias it all for the benefit of all."

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