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12th January 2014

We have written extensively about living one's authentic essence as the only viable option, ever more true the more we ascend. A truly ascended being is a fully self responsible reality creator, a sovereign with no subjects. This is the paramount choice a being makes, for there is no aspect of their reality unaffected by the choice to be completely self responsible. Only secondarily to that fundamental choice of who is choosing and responsible for one's reality, are the details of what is one's reality.

The next most significant choice one makes in expressing one's essence, is that of presence. As eternal spirits, existing in no-time no-space, with access to all of existence, we may place portions of our energies in various dimensions / densities, which may include embodying in a variety of forms in a variety of environments, some of which are known as embodied incarnations, one particular version of which, is that of occupying a [mankind] body on Gaia. Within the realms of dichotomy and duality, the body forms may have a genderal and sexual polarity, and such is the case here and now for [mankind] reading this. As an androgynous formless 'higher self' embodies, the soul's authentic natural balance is most healthily functional in a [mankind] body in a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio between yin and yang (or yang and yin) energies.

The end product of the exploration of an identity crisis, is a discovery of one's authentic essence, followed by living that authentic truth. Particularly as we are ascending, we are experiencing a transition from identification with embodied duality and dichotomy to a unified consciousness of androgyny as we transcend form itself. Until we complete that ascension above duality, we are experiencing simultaneously being both partly in the realm of dichotomous duality, and partly in the realm of no form. This then presents an interesting challenge in knowing and expressing one's authentic self, for that self is both of these, both dualistic and transcendent beyond duality, and this is paradoxical, it even gives us another duality, between duality itself and non-duality. If one can allow living with that paradox, without attempting to resolve the paradox, one can then more wholistically live and express one's authentic essence. However, because this split of 'reality' exists between the dualistic lower self, and the non-dualistic higher self, the ascension process itself, which is integrating these aspects of self, is challenging to both higher and lower self, and is likely to produce instability. This is no longer a pleasant discussion over tea between two selves in clearly distinct realities, this is a struggle to hold onto one's 'reality' as the other aspect integrates with one; higher self demanding lower self release duality, while lower self demands higher self cope with it, higher self demanding lower self embrace unity, while lower self resists ego-death loss of uniqueness.

How does one authentically live the expression of this? With this kind or level of internal conflict in process, how easy is it to remain fully at peace with anyone around you? Nearly everything both internal and external to who we think we 'are' is in a process of change, revaluation, reassessment, comprehension, and expression. It would rather seem to be necessary for a lot of grace and allowance of both self and others. Perhaps even take none of it individually even though it seems to be all about one's self.
Who creates your reality? Are you a self responsible adult sovereign in full accountability?
A crystal faery cocreating ascension for all and re-opening stargates or building new ones so that you can finally return to domicil after your mission of service to the ascension of [mankind]?
i am celeste:crystalfaery, one of the starseed embodiments of tomril, an crystal faery.
We maintain the 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal over Kaua'i, our unique contribution to the process of [mankind] ascending on Gaia. It is a prototype alternate stargate design, which we are perfecting to link with our original universe. Meanwhile, shall we all celebrate the ascension of [mankind]? Apparently in all the known existence, this is the first time a whole planet-full of a species has ascended together. Don't be surprised when you boot up and begin your day feeling like you are running new beta-test software. Finding yourself to be thinking, feeling, and expressing differently than yesterday, is just a sign of your ascending. Congratulations! Give yourself a big hug!

i celeste have summarized and organized a lot of percepts which have come to me lately from my higherself tomril, and our crystal faeries family, in my rambling exposition above, yet i wish to specifically ask for any further clarifications they may offer.

'While your list of priorities of choices and their impact upon ones reality are worthy of contemplation, i would suggest that even more significant is the fundamental choice of attitude between optimistic and pessimistic. If one could say "that always happens to me!", would it be reference to problems, or synchronistic miracles of manifesting? i suggest this is often based in a perspective that the universe is either fundamentally unloving or fundamentally loving. Shifting to expectations of being loved and supported is one of the most impactful choices one can make.
"I am always supported appropriately, and my essence is honored." is a good foundation.'

"The great duality experiment generates a plethora of differences, yet the fundamental essence inside most of existence is its having been sourced from divinity. For those of us on the ascension path, being at peace with all that is, is rather a foundational choice also. As reality creators, we can choose as both tomril and celeste suggested, to be supported in our authentic essence expression. In the synchrony of divine love, we may all play joyously together, celebrating our shared journey of ascension. Yay!"

'Perhaps so foundational that many may overlook it, is the aspect of our 'essence' known as our DNA. While much of our present reality is based in the DNA as it was inherited from our body's parents, the ascension process is all about activating or deactivating various aspects of the DNA we have today, and over time even rewriting the DNA itself. This is a very deep essence expression, where ones authentic nature and choices determine ones genetic expression and future. This is where 'the rubber hits the road', and ones path is set by ones spiritual 'practice'. The old paradigm of questioning whether it is nature (parental DNA) or nurture (parental behaviours) which determine one's 'nature' (individuality), we suggest is merely a diversion from one's true essence (spirit) from conception through adulthood, that most important is to break free of all but ones own spirit as source for the essence one expresses as 'life', both in and beyond a particular body.'

"Ancient 'Fairy Tales' warn [mankind] that if they enter the fairy circle and dance with the Fairies, that they will be in a different 'reality', from which there is a danger they may never return. It's all just choice."

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