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7th January 2014

The crystal faeries said last night:

"We cannot play freely in the realms of [mankind] without disturbing the limitations they hold on to."

Why have not i / we hopped to a better time-line?

'We have group karmic entanglements, therefore only the group may hop time-lines.'

Is that other than our crystal faeries family?

'Only our family and the contracts we have made to assist here.'

"You must rise to join us, we cannot descend further."

'The debt we carry as a family combined with our contract to facilitate ascension is the overriding factor.'

What debt?

'The cost of rescuing some of our family.'

"There are limits to our ability to intervene."

What are those limits? Who sets those limits?

'It is a delicate balance between the individual and the group.'

'We are playing for large stakes on a planetary scale, and opposing forces often can only find ways to sabotage minor things, thus your living situation being dependent upon others has left them as more manipulable than you in blocking your work. Always close relationships may be interefered with.'

'We are sorry that the intended time-line hop was thwarted, but we have not given up shifting reality both to improve your situation, and the level of service on our mission you may do. Persevere in our vision, and deal with your circumstances meanwhile.'

"We cannot burden you with all the details of our family situation, and have you continue to function with the portion you are carrying, nor can we ignore the rest of our family energetics to focus on your situation only. Release your friend's perceptions that you have been inappropriate with us, for we see your situation and have compassion for it, so trust that we do what we can to help while balancing the needs of all."

'Trust that we are doing what we can. Trust your family.'

"We are aware of the sacrifice you are making. Know that we are grateful, and ameliorate as we may. Persevere and allow in faith that the good of the group is served."

i am perceiving that those of the new-age manifestation movement who find it easier to shift their individual reality time-lines are so able because they carry fewer group attachments, is that correct?

'Yes. It is not that you are doing something wrong. It is that we have volunteered as masters to carry a heavy burden, and that priority limits your freedom in the manifest world.'

i am grateful for my crystal faeries family. i love you dearly.

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