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4th January 2014

"We have returned our focus to our ascension work on Kaua'i, having helped our friends stabilize their 8D portals, and having cocreated the initial network of 8D portals linking the appropriate Atlantean crystal technology installations. Now that the crystals on the planet are more stable and balanced, everyone is relaxing. As our friends further tune the crystal grid to the Lemurian consciousness grid, ascension gets easier for everyone. Aside from the few incarnate beings working with the ancient Atlantean crystal technologies, there is much support from the angelic realm in balancing energies. Even those with shadier agendae recognize the importance of the new balance in the planetary grid as we are passing through a solar magnetic pole reversal. Although disturbances are happening, their magnitude will be gentler for us all on Ter-Ra."

"Much as the dolphins reweave energy grids in their watery realm, we have been healing anomalies in the energy grid of Kaua'i. It was beneficial to bring greater symmetry to the energy flows which pass vertically through the island, in particular to bring better balance between our two mountain tops which are the focal points for the upward and downward polarity flows by which heaven and Gaia unite. With better balance there is less turbulence."

"We have also observed that the caretaker beings of our neighbor isle Ni'ihau have begun to integrate their mountains energetics across time, whereas previously parts of it had been held in past time. It is our observation that this is part of an overarching change being made by the Maori throughout their various island / mountain occupancies, and is for now most similar to the energetics of New Zealand. While the far flung island worlds of the Maori have their local variances, there yet remains a spiritual family cohesiveness across them all, as the group of spirits continues to track both lessons and energetics. We are happy to see this progress in unifying the planetary energetics."

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