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30th December 2013

"The certainty of any reality is only probabilistic as ones will wavers. If ones will is free to follow ones true joy, arising from ones true essence, then ones manifest reality appropriately tracks ones evolution as a unique spark of the one i Am. Ones true essence is always in alignment with the divine will. Any time ones emotional state or manifest reality is not of ones true joy, is a good time to refocus upon ones true essence in alignment with i Am. There are many external patterns one may focus upon instead, and many of those may become internalized, and then misinterpreted as 'self', and some may have some alignment with true essence, yet anything not true essence misleads ones life.

It may be summarized that ones joy is a life of expressing ones essence, and that is unconditional, regardless what is outside ones self. As we unconditionally love others, accepting and allowing at minimum, better yet supporting and encouraging their own self expression, we succeed as a mirror of our own ability to do that for ourself. Seeking the approval of others usually leads to inappropriate conditions, which then interfere with our own optimal life of self expression. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the manifest sparks of the one only come together and express the big picture, when each piece is its own shape. To thine own self be true. Ones true self is in harmony with divine will.

This then reveals a secret in finding ones true essence, the magick of meditation, that when one releases all self identification, ( i am one with the void, undefined ( empty lungs ) ) and aligns with the one that is all, becoming all one ( alone ( full lungs ) ), and is conscious of the one that is all that is one, one is directly led to ones self, automatically arising from the i am. With each breath we may oscillate between the infinite undefined of all potential, and the manifest identified as a specific incarnation being uniquely expressed, in joy.

One must be ones self to love ones self, and one must be loving ones self, to be able to love another. In loving both self and other, we may then unite with them, share a reality, and live love, which leads to loving living.

Youth, vitality, health, abundant manifestation, joy, all arise from this authenticity. Pay no attention to what pleases others, instead know yourself so that you may be authentic. Your authentic self is the only thing that is actually capable of pleasing the authentic self of another. Nevermind what their egos say, and even more so, your own ego. Alwaysheart your own joyous authentic self essence, and let it be expressed unedited. Miracles arise from your authentic self expression, for, your authentic self is i Am.

Now, throw in a healthy dose of playful lightness, sillyness and giggles, and you may play like a Fae.

We offer you blessings of the 8D angelic crystal faeries."

We alter the Lotus Sutra:
i am happy.
i am healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
i am safe.
i live my true heart's desire.

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