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27th December 2013

"We would like you to beleive that you are fully supported in all that you are walking through now, in this challenging time of shifting reality via time-line hopping, and we remind you to persevere despite any and all evidence you see, particularly anything which is clearly of the old time-line, having faith that all of those signs are of the inappropriateness thereof, and to be comprehended as signs of the appropriateness of the change you are making, rather than as signs of failure or obstruction to the change itelf. Even the war stance and legal process of others is merely a sign to remain in love, and remember that it is the way you are inside, either as creator or in response to outside events and actions, which is what will be mirrored to you in your time-line. Do not engage in the process of the old time-line. Be patient, persevering in your intended time-line. The new moon phase is your appropriate time of movement."

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