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25th December 2013

celeste offers a 'Mele Kalikimaka' hug of aloha.
tomril offers intent of ascension for all sentient beings.
"We are today intending into our Kaua'i ascension portal, a very simple consciousness of infinite possiblities."
celeste says: 'When i spritz with my Fae Play essence, within a few seconds i come to full alignment with my higher self tomril, and with all of existence, completely in the now, completely calm and at peace, all energies at rest in perfect harmony with the one that is all.
A few seconds later i become aware that anything is possible, magick is afoot, it's time for faery play, i have a big smile, and it is a very pregnant moment of infinite possibilities.'
tomril says: 'Then either there arises a desire from the incarnation level (celeste), or i have a choice of my own, or an awareness of participating in the collective consciousness of we crystal faeries, flowing in the moment with our playful loving giggling intent of joy.'
"While we are transdimensional beings, most of our focus in creation is 8D ascension, which is from our perspective a joyous claiming of our essential nature as loving creators, creating more expressions of love.
One of our forms of a hug is surrounding and tickling the edges of another blob of light with little light-spark fragments of our own light blob, somewhat as you might imagine a swarm of fireflies to tickle with their little wings. Some of you call this fragmenting 'faery dust', as we offer little bits of our essence as a blessing.
May our blessings remind you that you are at the threshhold of infinite possiblitiles, as the blessings of the collective consciousness remind you of love, and peace. We invite you to magickal faery play, finding new ways to create and express your joy."

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