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24th December 2013
[rings of alcyone]

While the seasonal focus upon light ( sun ( Ra ) as source of life / light / warmth ) associated with the annual Ter-Ra-an orbits solstice, and its metaphysical equivalent of the KRST / anointing of spiritual consciousness via the raising of the kundalini up the spine to activate the pineal gland ( ajna chakra ) to produce enlightened consciousness ( a 'Christ'-ed being ( symbolized by the cross ) ) are often forgotten in the modern worlds stampede to express 'love' via physical gifts, ( perhaps best expressed as compassion for our brethren struggling with material survival ), today is nevertheless beginning with a very gentle energy about our blessed planet Ter-Ra ( Ter ( Tertiary == Third ( counting outward ) ) planet of our sun ( Sol == Ra ) ), even as our solar system orbiting in the great Milky Way galactic disc about Alcyone ( Zion ) brings us a dawning age of enlightenment ( Aquarian age ), all of which is bringing our consciousness in ascension to oneness of the higher realms ( spirit ), where we are above duality / dichotomy, and more a collective oneness than separate separation-focussed manifestations, even as we are awakened more to live our oneness as the species '[mankind]', and even as we awaken to the knowing that our '[mankind]' family includes other kind on other planets in other solar systems, all of which is 'the big lesson we are engaging', today we would like to bring consciousness to our oneness with other non-[mankind] life forms, and with other formless beings of higher realms, from the lower dimensional devic and elemental realms all the way up through the faery and angelic realms of spirit.
( excuse me while i giggle at that run-on sentence! )
"We have worked with the angelics to bring grace and acceptance and allowance to the planetary grid now, to emphasize the gentleness of peace, to help everyone consciously experience peace as a 'reality', where our knowing of oneness helps us remember ( return to being a member of oneness ), and of course we have facilitated that particularly inside our 8D portal of ascension for Kaua'i."

"We wish particularly to direct attention to the sense of oneness between [mankind] and nature, all our relations, all of life manifest on our ascending world, the effulgent blessings of our Gaia-Sophia hostess. We are one consciousness, one life, expressing multiply, in cocreation. Life is better when we each have our specialties, and when we practice our specialties in harmony with, and guided by the wisdom of the one whole collective consciousness of the whole of life, guided by an even higher wisdom coordinating all of our consciousnesses, the one is optimized. As all are part of the one, the divine plan allows for the best outcome for all. This peace of oneness, cooperative manifestation, and graceful easy flow of being, are the nature of the energies blessing the beginning of this day, ( or a later part of your day for those in other time-zones ). We would like to suggest that a conscious breath, of inhaling oneness until full, and briefly holding your full breath while contemplating: 'I AM in harmony with all that is', is the energy focus of this day, for greatest blessing. Oh, and yes, it would be wise to resume your breathing cycle with an exhale next. giggles"

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