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22nd December 2013

Aloha crystal faeries family. Do you have any messages for us today?
"There is a great opening of 'allowance' in the realms of Kaua'i, which we, (including you), have been working on. Yes, this quantum leap is a result of the work you and your friend cocreated, in the highest of realms. As you have surmised, this will result in a whole new realm of lightwork of benefit to all. Yes, it is necessary to reveal carefully. Yes, the energies of transformation from your solstice work are still 'in play' through the January 1st New Moon. We pass through a message from 'above': 'Thank you for not settling for less'. We thank you for your dedication in being our 'voice', and your long hours of work."

Can you say more about 'allowance' for our readers?
"At this time it is most beneficial to address the balance between passive and active roles in the process of being a conscious cocreator of reality.
A purely passive role of 'thinking the thought' and then 'thinking that having had the thought was enough' may be completely unproductive.
At the opposite extreme we have a purely active role where the ego tries to 'do it all on its own'. The willful / forceful approach of ego will at minimum greatly increase the effort and struggle of the journey to its goal, if not sabotaging it, or greatly limiting the abundant miracles.
In the middle way we have the desire of the ego intending a loosely held goal and a willingness to follow guidance on what to do and when, in service of cocreation of an even better outcome as guided by one's higher self. Sometimes the appropriate thing to do is nothing, just being in the vibration of the intended reality."

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