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21st December 2013

Often, when we are on the cutting-edge of reality, doing brand-new things, then spirit does not have much experience to draw from in giving guidance, and therefore wisely remains silent, leaving us to tune-into our heart's passion to find what is our own motivation, what makes our heart happy, and what makes our face smile... and to pursue the course of action which in this moment easily flows for us as we "do" the creation of our passion.

celeste		I'm ready Now to be in my preferred reality.
celeste		'You must commit totally to your chosen new reality.'
celeste		I'm doing my best to burn all bridges
celeste		to any reality but the one of my truth.

a_friend	i support everyone in their choices whatever they are.

celeste		Then i choose to remanifest as a beautiful faery girl right now!

a_friend	Maybe part of this is about being happy as we are,
a_friend	growing, changing, manifesting and transforming as we progress.
a_friend	Things have gotten easier to deal with
a_friend	in this reality the less i have resisted it.
a_friend	For resisting only makes that which you resist grow stronger.

celeste		Yes. i shall attain guidance from my higher self now.

tomril		'You have Only to surrender and allow,
tomril		that is the Only path open to you.'

a_friend	Ohhh. LOL.
a_friend	That is why i was getting the push
a_friend	about going back to your i Am presence.
a_friend	If God is Love and Love is unconditional 
a_friend	and when we allow the Greater Will to direct us,
a_friend	would It choose anything for Us
a_friend	that would Not be for the greater good of all?

celeste		Ahhhh.... so please explain how the greater good of all
celeste		is served by my suffering?
celeste		i beleive the greater good is served by me being in joy.
celeste		So the all should help me manifest my joyful reality.
celeste		Then i can serve it better. Yes?

a_friend	1 is with All.
a_friend	it is within All.

celeste		All one = alone.

a_friend	And do you contain All possibilities?

celeste		No, only the one does.
celeste		i can only have one parallel reality at a time.
celeste		The one is all realities in summation.
celeste		Why may i not leave this body and reincarnate?
celeste		Why is that not an acceptable choice?
celeste		i don't know why I'm kept in this prison.

a_friend	Ask your higher self?
a_friend	Ask your Higher Self why you can not leave this body?

celeste		Asking...

tomril		'You must stay in body to allow yourself
tomril		to be of service to others.

a_friend	Interesting.
a_friend	How are you to be of service when
a_friend	you are unhappy that you are in this body?

celeste		Exactly.

a_friend	Ask of your Higher Self:
a_friend	'how are you to be of service when you are unhappy
a_friend	that you are in this body?'

celeste		Yes, asking now...

tomril		'You cannot be of service when you are unhappy.'

celeste		I'm willing to be of service in joy and love and light.

tomril		'It is a contract you have entered to pay a debt.'

celeste		'How can this debt be completed?'

tomril		'Only by completing ascension.'

celeste		'In this body Only?'

tomril		'Yes.'

celeste		'Why?'

tomril		'Those details of the contract will not be revealed to you
tomril		at this time.'

celeste		i have no choice, get over it.

a_friend	Ok so you know that.
a_friend	Ask your higher self: 'is free will an illusion?'

celeste		'It is for me due to the contract I'm in.'

a_friend	Yes i know.

celeste		But that is frustrating i cannot know the contract I'm in.

a_friend	i am reading that it answered that
a_friend	it wouldn't reveal the conditions of the contract
a_friend	that you are in to You.

celeste		There have always been hidden things I'm not allowed to see.
celeste		Would like to get to bottom line and get on with life working.

a_friend	So it goes back to what i was saying earlier,
a_friend	you're stuck with what you got,
a_friend	you gotta accept and love as you are to move on.

celeste		Yes.

a_friend	As am I

celeste		Under some occulted contract to pay an unknown debt.

a_friend	Ask higher self,
a_friend	"How may you pay off said debt within this body
a_friend	to fulfill your contract?" :)
a_friend	Stick with me on this line of question hun, seriously

celeste		Asking...

tomril		"Be of service to those ascending."

a_friend	Ah Ha!

celeste		Well, that's what I've been doing with the crystal faeries,
celeste		and that's why i need the new house now.

a_friend	Are these conditions of this contract 3rd dimensional?

celeste		So higher self better deliver it.

a_friend	Yes.

celeste		Will ask...

a_friend	Yes yes... Nods.

celeste		Well this is fun,
celeste		my model of existence is 12 dimensions
celeste		with oneness at 12 and everything under that,
celeste		and the contract is at dimension 18,
celeste		so just as i had thought,
celeste		the 12th dimensional "god"
celeste		is a fraudulent construct
celeste		occupied by entities playing the role,
celeste		but not really what they claim to be.
celeste		Thank you so much for working this with me,
celeste		so much truth is coming out!

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