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19th December 2013

"We have been observing a 'slowing down' of manifesting, which is a result of people 'putting on the brakes' as they have become overwhelmed coping with growth and change in their lives. This is also resulting in situations of people 'pushing away' the 'agents of change' in their lives, rather than welcoming opportunities to grow. You have been witnessing this in your work with others, that some are becoming quite stubbornly entrenched, while those few on the ascension path are seeking and welcoming even larger quantum leaps than before, and this is of course what delights you to do, for you thrive on making a big difference for others. So, as you observed yourself giggling at the chaos and the disassembly of your old reality, already taking place around you, but are persisting in faith and trust, about the fulfillment of the arrival of your new time-line, you may appear to others to be 'unrealistically airy-fairy', while from your own perspective you're just being practically realistic about how quantum time-line hopping actually works. As you are well aware by now, you are lead through experiences so that you can be a compassionate guide for others who follow your path. On the flip side, we are observing that those who are still entertaining their fears are likewise escalating in their power of manifestation of the negative realities they are focussed upon. As you facilitate the willing, you will be finding and clearing their remaining fear beliefs, so that they can fully receive ascension blessings and stay on track with positive manifestations, but all of you will get to witness around you, the chaos and conflict of nightmares played out by those who are internally incongruent, and / or are not operating in full self-responsibility as reality creators. Those manifesting their fears and blaming those manifestations upon others are going to become lost in 'enemy' thinking, which will require a response of love, while simultaneously 'getting out of their way'. Those paying attention to the cycles of unascended manifestation, should be noticing that this year's annual Christmas day will be abundant with anger and conflict energies astrologically, further triggering everyone into opposing camps; those who can rise above their lower chakras and reptilian-think to living aloha in their hearts, versus the fear / blame mongers. As the blame / anger energies emerge in the form of bullying to cover over the deeper fears inside, amped up by pluto's dark side, we can expect some very un-'Christ'-ian expressions on 'Christ'-mass day. And so we remind the conscious ones that the 'holy cross' is the symbol of the awakened and open ajna chakra, and that you are the 2nd coming, not in a single body, but in many bodies, many 'Christ'-ed beings. This 'holy-day' season may require a lot of 'turning the other cheek'. Take the 'higher ground' of 'higher consciousness', remembering to be 'in' the world, not 'of' the world. With patience and perseverence, 'this too shall pass'. Anchor into your positive new time-line and persevere, even while chaos breaks out all around you. Just giggle at the old time-line destroying itself. To take it seriously or resist it just persists it. It is the season for ascending time-line hoppers to be of good cheer. You literally are to be living a heavenly life in the faery garden, even while others around you are creating their own hells. While multiple time-lines are visible to you in these chaotic nodes, stay focussed upon the one of your preferred joy and appropriateness."

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