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18th December 2013

"There is a fulfillment of intent mapped-out to manifest, as you have been perceiving and intending, invoking and expecting, which is both the disassembling of your old time-line and which is also the blossoming of your new time-line reality. It is well that you are accepting this change process so that it may be speedy. There is perhaps a deeper comprehension of meaning in the name 'chaotic node' for the convergence of time-lines, and also for the hopping between time-lines. It bodes well you are giggling at the chaos and disassembly knowing where it leads. Until we are sufficiently ascended for instantaneous no-time time-line hopping, the speediest of changes are a result of welcoming the chaos of change. "

i am greatfully enjoying witnessing the unfolding of the transformation of realities, or, more accurately, the witnessing of my shifting from one reality to another, between the old time-line reality of limitation, doubt, fear, struggle, conflict, citizenship, etc., to a completely positive reality of a time-line of unlimited ascension for all willing to claim it.
"You may dance the dance of celebration which comes from being detached from all worldly manifestation (evidence to the two eyes), while flying in the certainty of the truth of higher realms. You are a crystal faery, and not limited by [mankind] matrix illusions."
Yay! i am really 'getting it!'. i can't stop giggling! [mankind] 'reality' is preposterous!

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