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14th December 2013

i am aware of both "holding frequency" and of "keeping my individuality happy" (in a high vibration state), while awaiting a time-line hop manifestation. It has been stated by a number of sources that it's not what we are focussed upon or doing, but the frequency we are holding which "matters" (will result in our materialized experience). Have i misperceived, misinterpreted, or missed something?
Is it helpful or hindering to be in a state of "desire", or was it appropriate to translate desire into a choice of appropriate time-line, and then lock into the time-line as "already manifest" vibrationally, i.e. that remaining in "desire" would affirm separation from the chosen time-line?

"It is the appreciation and joy of the chosen time-line reality which attracts it, and as you have surmised, one is not benefitted by perceiving separation from it. We feel that 'appreciation' is fairly well comprehended to imply union of realities, whereas 'desire' is much more associated with separation from a chosen reality, i.e. in collective-think is more associated with 'want' than with 'fulfillment'. "

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