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12th December 2013

The subject of 'stories' has arisen. i know two forms of these, one, where somebody is recycling the drama of their story to vampirize the energies of those they repeat their story to, and two, where the story is presented to teach a lesson. It seems that so far this format has not been utilized here, and I'm wondering if that is because it is not a format i the channel gravitate towards, or if it's because it is not a format favored by my crystal faeries family? Being slightly perversely scientific, i thought I'd ask for our story about stories? :-) On the other hand, i also recognize that this blog as a whole constitutes 'a story', one which I'm so deep in with the details of the moment, that I've perhaps not stepped back to see the larger picture. What story do i need to hear to clear my lessons out of the way to tell the story others need to hear?
YLO's 'Sacred Mountain' essence called me now.
"Stories tend to be linear-time cause-effect change-process recordings. That way of creating is one we are specifically intending to move beyond. You need sleep to get your frequency higher for better channelling... rest now."
Ahhh... awake before even the chickens today, pure peace and quiet, calm and gentleness.
"We wish to remain focused upon forward looking ascension, facilitating the blossoming of your own story, rather than recalling stories of our past. We will comment that so many stories lead to: '... and then i chose to love myself.' as a shift of consciousness which then leads to a happier manifestation. Of course, with ascending consciousness, there is the transformation of perspective from a separate self to wholeness in the one, which renders that more as 'I came to self realization as the infinite', whereupon having parts of one's self at odds with other parts of one's self is so obviously counterproductive, as to trigger cessation of all struggle, and complete acceptance of the diverse expressions of the living light of love."

Abraham indicates that the spiritual realms are dependent upon the desires of the physical realm to elicit the spiritual realms, and i am curious if you care to comment upon this?
The Fall was from the realm of unity down into duality, and (re-)ascension is up out of duality into unity. Desire implies a duality between what is and a different reality one seeks instead of what is. The manifestation of one's desired reality is by ending the duality via arrival in the desired time-line. Such is my perception du jour. How may i improve upon this?
"Suffering arises from attachment to other than 'what is'.
Desire is a somewhat less attached seeking of other than 'what is'.
Focus upon difference between a chosen / desired reality and 'what is' can only create 'want', greater separation from the desired.
Peace and / or fulfillment are based in alignment of choice and 'what is'.
To achieve the chosen / desired reality is to be vibrationally at one with it, 'already'.
The key is the use of one's imagination to place one's consciousness in the state where one is already appreciating being at one with the desired / preferred / chosen reality, regardless how far away from it one's present manifestation appears to be.
The 'fallen' focus is 'want', the 'ascended' focus is 'appreciation'.
The creator beleives in appropriate manifestation.
Time is the process of change between realities based upon want.
Appreciation produces instant manifestation.
Let go of all your stories, and just already be in appreciation of your preferred time-line."

Recent triggering input suggests that our primary motivational factor is to feel good, and that the good feelings worthy of actual pursuit, are those in alignment with one's soul. Perhaps my deep experience with eastern spirituality has suggested that there is an even 'better' goal of goallessness, and that fulfillment is to be completely at peace with all that is without changing anything, or having to have some experience, accomplishment, form of relationship, or acknowledgement from outside one's self. In my model then, it is not about mapping out goals and accomplishing them in order to feel good, successful, fulfilled, but about releasing all of that, so as to arrive at a state of present-time emptiness which is simultaneously filled to fullness with contentment. My perception is that there is of-the-moment spontaneously arising outward flow from heart's soul motivation to express one's essence, rather than a desire to intake experience in order to manipulate one's feeling state into a more positive 'feeling'. i am perceiving this as the difference between fulfilling hunger by intaking, versus transcending hunger by coming to peace with emptiness, followed by expressing the momentary focus of some aspect of fullness that comes from being at one with all that is. As an aspect of all that is, not in any separation from anything, there is no want, no hunger, no emptiness, no seeking, and no goal to overcome a sense of emptiness. This totally takes me to the consciousness i find so well expressed by Gangaji, that one may embrace a feeling or awareness, even being devoured by it, instead of continuing to run from it. Thus, the popular book / interview / fad of alleged consciousness i have just witnessed clearly shows me a strategy to avoid the feeling of emptiness, by an entire strategy of goal setting and activities to produce via self manipulation a feeling state to continue avoiding feeling empty. We confront everything which arises, and in becoming one with it, are no longer controlled by it. To finally embrace the sense of 'I am empty', one with the void, unfulfilled, and i do not in this moment feel positive, is to overcome the fear and avoidance of that sense, and in having faced it, there is no longer a compulsion to feel good, to have to feel full, to continually seek the opposite of the avoided sense. This then, is the Tantrik overcoming of the duality of empty / full, via transcending into peace with either feeling state, moving one's consciousness above the dichotomy, to the transcendent state, the ascended state, 'I am'. When 'I am' becomes a complete sentence and accurate description of awareness, desire itself is transcended, peace becomes available, goallessness arrives, and in this there is a total fulfillment, instead of the lesser form of that, where i identified the feeling state i must maintain to continue avoiding the opposite polarity of the dichotomy between the goal and its opposite. Since the bottom line of this lesson from the trigger's point of view is, what is your goal / desired feeling, I'll share that my happy feeling space is that of being authentic, that i feel in depth i am authentically expressing my essence, and that my deepest current knowing of my essence, as I aggregate my consciousness of my many incarnations here and now, is:
'I am tomril of the crystal faeries, holding Kaua'i in the highest vibrations of 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension codes and maintaining an open portal of ascension for all sentient beings here.' This is an ongoing state of being, and a daily expression of essence, a goal already accomplished, and quite fulfilling. i know who i am and why i am here, and i am living that purpose, with joy of the moment.

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