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12th December 2013

"The process of change is itself frequently uncomfortable, though with practice becomes easier. As one clears one's incongruencies, the changes themselves become more in alignment with one's intent and desire, and thus deliver welcomed quantum leaps, and the leaps grow larger. With faith and trust, one recognizes that less process is required, and fewer intermediate steps necessary, between where one was, and where one is going to become fulfilled. Non attachment as a style of perceiving, allows easier release of old reality, thus there is less discomfort from releasing. Faith and trust that the changes are moving one towards one's fulfillment, and acceptance of even intermediate realities on the journey, reduces the discomfort from the accepting side of change. Releasing even the model of 'a goal' or 'a destination' allows higher self to deliver results beyond the limits of ones own ego. It is the positivity of one's expectation, without defining or attaching to the manifestation of that positivity, which delivers miraculous results, and the life experience of, 'it just keeps getting better!'
It is also of great benefit, if the definition of positive in one's consciousness, is of fulfillment for all, that one's experienced reality is most joyous."
By the power of God i Am, may we all joyously be fulfilled with our manifest dreams, in a world of graceful easy flow, beauty, and pleasure. So mote it be, and so it is.
-- I Am

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