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9th December 2013

"Time to release fear of your dreams 'coming true' :-)"
-- crystal faeries

The 'Mayan Calendar' which recently 'ended' was a map of the rate of consciousness, of time, which itself is a measure of the rate of shifting consciousness between parallel realities, therefore, its' prediction of 'the end of time' is a way of stating that we arrive at an infinite rate of shifting between parallel realities, which is a scienterrific way of stating that there are no limits to the size and rate of manifesting miracles, which are what? merely quantum leaps between parallel realities which are 'majorly' different.
We are creator god(desse)s, and our abilities of creation are unlimited.
Flip that around and we might say that the limitations of how big and how quick are our miracles, is merely a measure of how attached we were to 'things as they were', and / or is merely a measure of how attached we were to the illusion of a 'process of change', which is primarily our attachment to our own ego taking credit for 'creating change'.
As fascinated as we are with the change process is how much process we'll have, instead of how easily we'll have our desires manifest. Which is our true desire? Doing 'creation', or experiencing 'the created'?

i feel very ready to be living in the time-line of manifest dreams, and to fully release the whole 'story' of 'how i got there', other than, 'I choose to be here now in my preferred reality'. The 'price to be paid' is merely that of releasing the past and future and our stories of their relationship with the only thing which is 'real': 'here now'.

In the light of the above, let us re-examine the aphorism:
'Let go and let God.'
If we are in our ego, controlling or taking credit for the process of change, then we limit the size and rate of miraculous 'fairy tale' miracles from the divine. One of the biggest 'ego control games' is defining what is 'real' or 'possible'. The height of arrogance, (and abuse of others), is defining 'reality' for others. The biggest limitation of 'collective reality' is the collective of egos all limiting each others' miracles. This is mapped most commonly by the 'figure of speech' 'that is incredible' to describe 'unbelievably' good things, whereas equally bad things are 'aweful'. Is it not time to be more conscious, free, miraculous, and unlimited? all of us?

In fairy-land dreams really do come 'true'. Kaua'i is my crystal faery land, the new abode of we ishnaans.

Today brought interesting lessons in witnessing someone in their story of their process of changing 'reality', versus the model I've been working of hopping time-lines between realities, with no change of any one reality. i saw this as opportunity to use triggering to release more of old time-lines.
i also made progress in anchoring into my new time-line, building energetic entanglements with my preferred time-line. It is much more fun to embrace a chosen reality, rather than healing an old one :-)

i am observing that as i interact with others, coming from a place of time-line hopping, versus their being in a process of change or 'healing', that much of that relating is now about waiting, in complete neutrality, for them to walk through their chosen process, while I'm awaiting their arrival in the target reality. This leaves me free to invest my energies in other creations, Another terminology for this is time travel or teleportation. We know that 5D+ reality is above linear time, and that is the difference... witnessing another to walk through time, while i quantum leap to the same destination. Faery Magick is fun :-)

"You have long known that 'effort' was unproductive use of energy, and now you are seeing that 'process' is very similar to 'effort', just as is the 'drama' of the 'story' of the 'effort' or 'process'."

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