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7th December 2013

As i prepare to transition to dreamspace between the 7th and 8th, i was guided to YLO's 'Inner Child' essence blend, while my mind was contemplating the necessity of finding inner 'play', as I've begun disassembling my outer play space prepartory to moving.
"You are disassembling inner structures of 'importance' and 'precedence'. The slave system taught you all your life what thoughtforms and activities were 'important' to being a good slave. You have been aware particularly lately, of the transition from linear time to no time, and from linear progressions of cause to effect, to the percept of each timeless moment being its own reality, with it's own values of the moment, based upon your joy, passion, play, and creativity. You are experiencing much more quantum leaping from reality to reality, time-line to time-line. Most of all you've released the struggle to make things happen, to force transitions. Instead, you're mastering being one with the whologram in a space of love. Mr. Ring spoke of this in the video we just linked to in our recent blog entry. Play is a state which requires as a precondition, stepping out of linear cause and effect. It is timelessly of the moment, and goalless, completely accepting of infinite possibility. This is the divine condition, which children remember, and adults have been programmed to override with the importance of being good physical world slaves of effort and struggle. We are completing transition between time-lines, and observing the differences between them."

While my computer offers me many potential focal points for attention, including my usual 'blog upon awaking' activity, i am observing my self observing as my 'tea brews, and am quite content with being at one with the void in the moment. Mind is empty. Emotions are completely neutral. All is 'OK'. Ahhh, and what a great blessing, birds are arriving and beginning to sing! It's such a pleasure to hear their pretty songs!
(Yes, the local wild cocks have been making noise for a while already: 'Cock-a-diddle-did!')
i love to 'reach out' to my feathered friends and express from my heart, my appreciation of their songs.

"The condition of still beingness is perfect for oneness with the whologram of life. The love of life is boundaryless, the oneness pervasive, the wholism complete. The bliss of tranquility is its own reward, somewhat different from the excitement of joy. In oneness, the bliss is already shared with the universe. Joy is more a individual experience, and therefore seeks to be shared, across the boundary between 'me' and 'not me'. Releasing the ownership of joy, dropping the boundary of 'me', the joy merges with all and becomes universal bliss, thus ceasing the motivation to share across boundaries, for the oneness being complete leaves no need to flow. Much of 'relating' with 'other' is about the flow of energy, to, from, or circulating with, 'other'. This is 4D perception. In 5D perception, 'relating' disappears, replaced with oneness. Welcome to quantum entanglement with the one that is all, infinite spirit.
This is also the difference between 'ascending' or 'ascension', and 'ascended'."

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