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7th December 2013

As i commence today i am blessed with the latest installment of wisdom from Mary Pat Lynch's Rising Moon Astrology blog, providing an overview of what is about to be triggered for those still dealing with 4D reality, and what stood out for me is this comment: "[...] healing unresolved issues from the past is key to realizing our dreams for the future. Often, we know this, but would rather avoid it. Haven't we done enough work on the past? Can't we move on? Well, maybe. But between now and the Full Moon, our feet will be held to the flames a little longer. If there's something undone, something unaddressed or unresolved, buckle down and do it."
It was just in yesterday's post i was commenting on my sense of this 'sorting and completing' of energies, relationships, and 'stuff'. i also remember that in my guidance for time-line hopping, i have been clearly and repeatedly guided 'not to perfect the old time-line'.
Combine all of that together, and i see a clear guidance emerge, which i also blogged recently, which is to 'let the old time-line be what it is (outside of us), while (inside of us) reaching complete neutrality, forgiveness, release, and love, in how we see and relate with that old time-line. Don't heal it, release it. Any sense of feeling other than neutrality is to be positive passion about creating the new time-line. All of our relating is to be here and now in the present moment of time, and / or in the timeless present eternal moment of no time.

"This is especially poignant now as we are emerging from a chaotic node as we mentioned recently, that involved two time-lines being held together to allow more souls to jump between them, and which have now with the new moon been allowed to 'snap apart' to their natural flow, resulting in some people feeling 'torn apart', between the part of them which has chosen one time-line, and the part of them which has chosen the other time-line. This is the other big aspect of growth work to be doing now, other than that triggered by Aoife's blog comment, that it is time to be completely committed to the time-line of your choice, and completely released of any and all alternate mutually incompatible time-lines. So much of the old style of [mankind] choice process is based in conflicted goals, and now it is time to be beyond mixed agendae, with full commitment to your highest priority. May we even suggest it is not enough to prioritize conflicted agendae, but to include in the release process, those goals incompatible with your highest priority.
'But i want them both!'
Choose! Recognize the mutual exclusivity of some things, and release the alternatives, completely, now!
No! You can't put more energy into healing someone so they can track your growth and miracles and join you in your new time-line. Just leave them behind in your old time-line, let it be!
Sometimes, the old relationships we must release, the people we must leave behind, are aspects of our self. We must let go of who were previously, and of those versions of us we had hoped to become, which are not compatible with our new time-line. To manifest that new time-line, commit to it totally!"

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