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5th December 2013

"It is a comforting time to relax, integrate, allow, and feel soothed by the nurturing energies of our planetary mother. With the integration of yesterday's lesson to know that we are each exactly where we belong, that all our relationships are appropriate, as reflections of our intent and beleifs, then we can know that any lack of harmony with the uni-verse (one-song) of life, is merely our own ego not being surrendered to the truth of the infinite flow of the divine through us. All we need to do is to respond to whatever comes our way with acceptance and love. Beyond that is to move from 'response' mode to 'creator' mode, where we are the initiator, creating reality from pure unconditional loving intent, yet focussed where our passion and excitement direct our attention to greater joy. "
i am very enthused to be on the path of manifesting a greater grounding of the crystal faeries blessings of ascension energetics upon Kaua'i, and be an ambassador incarnate of our divine joy and playfulness.
Since we are all reality creators, there is plenty of room for us all to live our dreams here, celebrating and expressing our unique soul essences.

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