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28th November 2013

"We observe that the gentle grace energies continue, though many, even graced with the blessed energies of Kaua'i, manage to work themselves up into frantic activity. They are evidencing the older unascended 4D approach to physical manifestation. Meanwhile, we find our new time-line is pulling farther away energetically, continuing the ascension process through frequency. "

What is your perspective of the Gathering of the Realms event?
"It is so far a cleanly intended transdimensional harmonic convergence of multiple species. The 5D energetics are being kept clean. The 4D energetics may in some ways be a bit of a circus, in the sense of many things seeming strange to many beings, but the sharing of experience and sense are what will bridge the differences and create shared wisdom and pull into alignment the planetary grid. The people who shall attend are prioritizing the convergence over individual agenda, which is the key."
How do you wish me to (re-)present crystal faeries in this gathering?
"Gracefully carry our family frequencies, and contemplate how that may lead to musical expression."
It was a very conscious choice when i began with my flute that it should only ever be a spontaneous expression of my soul, rather than a performance for others.

Synchronistic sharing of lessons and growth, time-line hopping, and ascend{ed,ing} realities continues. Today i was blessed to facilitate another light worker's activation of throat chakra to be able to facilitate for others with her voice, activations of their light codes, by her being able to modulate light frequencies upon her own voice sounds. Naturally, i was also in the process of the same activation for the same ability, as well as my work to utilize my flute to generate sound patterns encoded with light frequencies also.

Later in the day i was given opportunities to be grateful for all my lessons, for my trustworthy and wise friends, and for the opportunity to rise above the expressions of old 4D time-line realities, and to exemplify loving compassion in response to negation of my new time-line.

Ahimsa seems to go hand-in-hand with finding win-win-win solutions for all of the life whologram. I'm getting to practice perseverence and staying centered in my new time-line regardless the evidence du jour.

"Be not concerned with any present manifestation which is not of your new time-line. Continue to use your highest vibrations of love and your best skills of healing to bring the highest possible blessing to each situation, with caring attention to those less blessed, and be grateful for the blessings you carry inside you. Now enter dream-time for astral work. "

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