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25th November 2013

Having retired early last evening, i am awake early today, continuing very much in the gentle peace of yesterday's forest visit, and aware of spiritual level connections negotiating for my new abode.
"You are supported in your journey to appropriateness, in gentleness."

While we know that ascended reality is above linear time, and therefore the 'process' of ascension involves releasing that as 'real', and accepting and living in the timeless eternal 'now' of isness as 'real', one of the clear consequences of this transition is releasing all that is based upon linear time, specifically 'mundane astrology', and all based upon it, e.g. '[mankind] design'. Because the 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension codes and portal incorporate the original pre-fall Lemurian consciousness grid, living these energetics breaks one out of cyclical astrological consciousness. i continue to witness the collective consciousness playing-out the astrological cycles, and yet also witness the ascending reality transcend those energies. Also, i observe the Matrix people demonstrating unconscious affectations of the astrological patterns, while yet remaining out-of-tune with those energies, tracking the fear programming, and living the disconnected Gregorian solar calendar so that their lives are out of harmony with the life force energies which are synchronized by the actual months of Luna. Even as i notice the true lunar cycles, and am aware of their influence on the world about, i also experience my own flow being directed from higher patterns.

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