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24th November 2013

Are we there yet? :-) *giggles*
"We're here now."
i contemplate the interaction of focus and time :-)
and the music in the background delivers lyrics:
'Let the feelings go,
let the feelings go
when the music starts,
because the beat is your soul,
when the moon is right
then the feeling is right
deep in your soul...' -- Anna Grace
i am so wishing to get settled into my new recording studio, and get jamming on my flute.
Come on universe, I'm so tired of waiting for those planets to orbit!
OK, that's multiple time references in one paragraph... clearly I'm developing a new relationship with and comprehension of 'time'.
Thanks to Anna Grace for 'Let the Feelings Go' :-)
I'm unveiling another density of time perceptions now. Focus of attention 'in' or 'on' time or the dimensions which contain time, dilates 'time'. One of those really obvious percepts, yet good to notice noticing it.

This brings us to a leap of consciousness about the Hathorian time-line jumping verbiage, that the reason for calling it a jump of time-lines rather than parallel-realities, is because it is a 'skippage in (the linear flow of) time'. And the investment of energy into 'a reality' creates more time 'of that reality'. OK, time to change to lyric-less music so i can best channel the crystal faeries.

"You know that ascended reality is free from linear time. You know that you are ascending. Therefore you know that your reality is changing from linear time to eternal now. We've just recently mentioned that you are doing this not as a single quantum leap, but as a series of leaps within a time-line 'family', therefor, as the days roll by and you progressively step into ascension, time each day is a different experience than it was the previous day. Time has been your safety-net against manifesting negative realities without seriously intending them, e.g. from careless consciousness management. As you are stepping into (nearly) instant manifestation of each thought and feeling, you must discipline your own consciousness to focus on positive realities and time-lines. Now, here's the quantum leap of comprehension you've been struggling to grasp today; time is the single most parasited energy associated with Ter-Ra. You have not been accustomed to thinking of time as a flow of energy, and yet you just derived that above, yourself, with no prompting from us. Now it will be good for you to lucid-dream about that, so sign-off for now, and contemplate the active time-field generators around Ter-Ra, and the parasitism on time energies." -- crystalfaeries

Having 'dreamt' upon this, i can see that i have achieved a deeper comprehension which liberates me from 'the games' of parasitism. i clearly see how one's own life-force energy becomes 'invested in' via 'time' whatever one focuses upon, thus, perhaps, and especially now in the ascension process, one must develop discipline of focus of one's time and energies, the energy of time, and the time of focussing upon a given energy (frequency), because that focus creates one's reality, and all aspects of relationships thereby, and that even 'dealing with' whatever the universe presents to one as 'reality du jour' as part of facilitating the whologram of life, still requires clear discernment, focus and prioritization, and ultimately responsibility to choose, in what one invests one's 'attention'.
"Excellent, you have grokked today's 'lesson'."
OK, now, is there a meta-lesson regarding time-line jumping, to be derived from this?
"Part of holding the frequency / vibration of an intended time-line is that of retaining focus upon the time of that time-line. One can only entertain a certain amount of distraction from the time of one's chosen time-line, without sacrificing that time-line itself."
This makes it very clear why and how the prioritization of a contemplative / meditative life-style is so necessary to an empowered / enlightened path through life. The individual sense of linear time is part of the spiritual intent to engage cause-effect processes, however, the misinterpretation of that as a collective linear time is a distortion and distraction.

This afternoon i journeyed into the faery forest at the head of Kahuna Rd. and observed a number of energetic phenomena along the bifurcated streams we mostly walked between on the main paths. The ground level was very damp, with ferns, moss, and occasionally mushrooms in the thick rainforest which was largely in past time, and in some mourning over lost past energetics. Most of the mobile entities were frequenting the canopy where more sunlight was available. In the stream-bed there was great mutual nurturance between the 5 million year old rocks and the freshly fallen rain water in the stream. The abundance of wai-wai (fresh water) was very glad to be communing with the healthy old vibrations of the ancient rocks, while the rocks where thriving upon the fresh life energy in the water. The water was very glad to be 'in nature' and taking a break from the modern world's vibrations, to be healing from the anti-life vibrations of mans creations, particularly those of the radio-wave charged ionosphere. We also observed some energetic shielding that the rainforest itself was generating, in order to discourage some of mankind from entering.

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