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23rd November 2013

Wow... it was a struggle to come out of lucid dreams into consciousness this morning. Lots of negotiation going on with other entities. As the astrological wheel turns, energies shift.
"While you are juggling electronic communications to connect with physical abode opportunities, clearly the sorting of which are (in-)appropriate is an activity of your energy world(s). And no we are not going to connect you with your 'perfect abode', silly fae, you know better than that. We will help you find alternatives you'll have to chose from amongst. Only you can make your choices. We did however notice your excitement at an opportunity with fruit trees in the yard, and your clarity of preference for a separate space with defining walls rather than shared living space."
Mmm... '' she says as she heads to the kitchen with barely open eyes.
Yummm. Ahhh. The magic ceramic cylinder of motivated molecules. Alas, no caffiene in this, so eyes remain droopy.
"While part of your ego would like to find 'the solution' and make a single time-line hop, you may have noticed that you are now working through a series of smaller hops between related time-lines, which in previous channellings we called a time-line family. This is you new 'process of change' replacing old 3D processes, where most of the 'work' of cocreation is now higher-realm. Notice also that most of it is focussed upon harmony rather than issues or details. You are also seeking inspiration and cocreation in relating with neighbors, rather than mere peaceable coexistence in relative isolation."
Well, OK, this feels like appropriate flow, and i enjoy serving as an example, but can we bring through any useful messages today of the bigger picture?
"We direct your attention to our
dolphin cousins, and a phenomenon of their realm in the recent week, of a group acknowledgement of a particularly light being, who is carrying very integrated and advanced energetics, now embodied in dolphin form, in a pod frequenting Mau'i. This being is expected to be instrumental in trans-species cocreations. Watch for news items in spring through summer of 2014 as [mankind] are contacted by this dolphin ambassador."
Oooh, that's exciting! Will [mankind] finally get over their arrogance with other species?
"We would strongly encourage a de-classification of the [mankind]-dolphin communications technologies now sequestered purely for military purposes and military (ab-)use of dolphins for black projects, and the dissemination thereof to places which now serve only the function of entertaining [mankind] with watery performances of 'tricks' by dolphins to prove they are trainable and care to please us, with genuine communion centers where free dolphins may come and go at will to the interace stations, and visiting [mankind] may come and go at will without security clearances, to experience spiritual rather than military communion between species. It is time for multi-species planning of the future of life on our planet, and the humbling of the eogic [mankind] to be part of life rather than dominating it. Of course, there is little hope of [mankind] showing respect for their cousins of other species, until they master respect for their own brothers and sisters of their own species. And yet, exceptional new events exemplified by this new dolphin communing with [mankind], may trigger [mankind] consciousness into awareness of the oneness of all life, which then brings up the lesson of applying that to their own species. We are tempted to mix metaphors to mention 'the elephant right under one's own nose'. [mankind] meeting dolphins on their own terms in their own element remains most beneficial, and rather provides the humbling of the [mankind] in the relating between species."
Yes, i agree... swimming with dolphins has been very uplifting of my 'spirits'. Mahalo crystal faeries.

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