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22nd November 2013

i am surrendered to service to The crystal faeries and the 8D Angelic Ascension Portal of Kaua'i Sovereign Space. Other than continuing to respond in love and service to that which, and they who, present(s) to me in each moment, what do i need to know, change, forgive / release or allow / embrace? For example, in my process of moving my abode, i recognize that things which appear to be obstacles may be guidance away from inappropriateness, and that the apparent lack in the now, of solutions needed soon, may merely be guidance into patience and faith. i have often in the past embraced the concept that even though i might not be willing to follow some guidance, that i better at least be made aware of it by my higher self, which works as long as communications flow well. i would like to beleive that now i am willing to follow all guidance, and am receptive to all guidance, yet, i wish now to 'check-in' to verify that I'm not 'off the path'.
"If this feels rather like your 'final-exam' of living in faith and trust and flow vs control, perhaps you are in your examination now. You have long known the appropriateness of really being done with an old reality before attempting to leave it behind, so as not to carry it with you as you arrive in your new reality time-line. You also know that predictions of future are accurately based in causal-chain-of-events, not in linear time 'markers' of specific dates, so just release your previous 'dates' expectations. "
Very funny, soon after writing this i got notice of a newly available rental unit to inquire about.

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