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21st November 2013

What is changing with Kaua'i's 8D Portal?
"As more entities embrace the energetics, there is a tendency for them to attempt to open the portal wider, to spread its influence geographically. We are holding it within the Kaua'i Sovereign Space we declared responsiblity for, and continue to facilitate other entities copying it if they choose to, the difference being that they who make the copies are karmicly responsible therefor. Thus we retain our focus and solidly hold our space, as an example of one possiblity, but we have no wish to get involved in the 'negotiations' other entities make over their (dis-)agreement with others over the evolution of the rest of the planetary grid. Please recall that our 'right' to this location, comes primarily from reclaiming the ancient Lemurian grid, i.e. the Lemurian grid had a pre-existing right to exist here, and we merely shepherded it back to manifestation. It is up to the rest of the planets entities and their own negotiations over similar ancient agendae, and how to resolve those with present agendae, in a variety of other grid locations. As contextual background for deeper comprehension we remind that the planet has had many caretakers, invaders, wars, advanced civilizations, and many of these patterns are still imprinted upon various parts of Gaia grid, which may also be labelled 'traumas' or 'holy spots'. Much of the conflict energy still being resolved on Gaia predates our arrival in the Galaxy, so it is not our issue, as we were not involved, and we have no appropriateness to interefere in those entitites working out their conflicts. Thus we persist in holding the availability of our portal as an open source design, with the akashics patterns freely available to all to copy, but our 'kuleana', (Hawaiian word for dharma), is only for Kaua'i Sovereign Space, and even herein, while we hold the portal active, there are other entities, agendae, and patterns to be resolved, which are not of the Lemurian grid or the 8D ascension portals. These also are not our kuleana until they interfere with either the Lemurian grid or the 8D ascension portal. So, not much is changing 'with Kaua'i's 8D Portal' or the energy grid of Kaua'i's Sovereign Space (including Lemurian consciousnes grid), however, there is change going on within life inside this space, and with the boundaries or connectedness between our grid, and the surrounding grid(s). We recently spoke of the harmonization with the light and sound grids of the cetaceans. As these shift, and as they simply exist, they are triggers to other consciousnesses to either find them interesting to adopt or copy, or some may find them to be unwanted and move away. There is much sorting and jostling as all is being triggered to find new resonance and alignment, as much of the planetary experience ascends into a more unified field. The energetic presence here is a catalyst, not an agendae. All that it had as an agendae was to restore (recreate) the option of a reality, the reality of an option; being manifest and maintained, its agenda is fulfilled. Entities with free will may choose what to do with it, now that it is here as an option to experience. It is a facilitator of connecting with information and frequences of an optional version of ascension, that is all. Thus it is relatively expected to change little for quite some time yet. It is now mostly a matter of just being a place that well facilitates quantum leaping to ascension, and being a bit extra speedy in facilitating spiritual growth for those interested in such. And, of course, nature is thriving fairly nicely."

So, I'll flip the question around the other way, and ask what we observe shifting because of the ascension portal presence? "Primarily it has been a shift in the balance of wholeness thinking versus individual thinking; more thoughts and more choices are based in the awareness of the oneness / wholeness of life than in just 'what is in it for me?'. Certainly we still have our share of people here who only think of their own interests. We attribute most of the uniqueness of the Kaua'i space reality to the Consciousness Grid of Lemuria, whereas, by contrast, the 8D Ascension Codes came mostly from the Angelics, and are therefor the same ones being used in much of Ter-Ra's grid. Old Lemurian souls find this quite familiar, whereas other lineages may better enjoy other locales of the Ter-Ra-an grid. It is at this point far more interesting that most of us are mostly converging on a shared future reality Gaia, than the details of the journies we took to learn about ourselves, or why ascension might be a good idea."

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