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17th November 2013

When someone prostitutes their 'will', who expresses no fixed will of their own, but keeps selling-out to the will of others, yet, actually does have standards, which they refuse to stand for, because their priority is to please others, the only possible resultant 'reality' they can manifest is chaos and conflict, as the whims of others keep jerking-around their reality, wherein they are not happy, because rarely is their reality, which is not theirs, but that of others, actually apropriate for them, nor what pleases them, nor can anyone around them, or attempting to relate with them, have any kind of successful relating, nor a happy reality, as the chaos and conflict is perpetual and ever unresolved. This is an extreme form of not living one's own essence. This is guaranteed to never ever work out successfully for anyone. This 'reality' is frequently associated with 'marketing' and / or 'advertising' and / or 'promotion'. It really doesn't matter whether the individual only does this 8 hours per day as a 'job', or does it 24 hours per day as a individual lifestyle, the results are the same.

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