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15th November 2013

"Until the conscious beings are willing to walk their talk, nothing has effectively changed in the world."

The condition of 'enlightenment', or 'ascended' in consciousness, that of having removed the 'veil', (of both truth denied and illusions believed-in), results in a clear knowing of one's own essence, and upon choosing to live as the expression of that known essence, (soul which dwells in the heart), no more choice is required, because the essence-directed life, compells in each and every moment, the perfect expression of that essence, with reference only to the now, (actually the timeless higher realm), which is the only path of the happy heart. This position of 'I know, am, and express my essence', is the only self we can be, in which we will be at peace with self, and in harmony with everyone else who is doing likewise. Anyone who is not in harmony with the we who is busy being self expressed, is clearly not expressing their own essence, therefore, what they most need from us, is encouragement to relax into knowing their own heart's joy, and being themselves.

When someone presents that 'I am not happy.' the antidote is: 'Then stop pleasing others.' If we were all busy being true to ourselves, the entire universe (one-song) would be in harmony, which it can't be, when we please others. To actually please others, demands that we be true to our own essence. Anyone who is not pleased by our essence, is welcome to go meditate on being their self expressed.

One of the 'others' we can get caught-up in pleasing, rather than expressing our own essence, is our own ego, which is comprised of many factions, including our own emotional imprints based in past energy patterns, including our own mental goals and expectations based in future fears, including mental 'memes' which are conceptual virii.

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