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13th November 2013

"Time, effort, struggle, process, were all qualities of dualistic creating. Patience for appropriate timing, grace, surrender to the good of all, time-line hopping are the qualities of transcendent creating."

Because of a combination of lightwork and ascensionwork, for major time-lines the 3D and 4D have been collapsed together, combining the physical 3D with the astral 4D. Here we enter the greatest confusion, as 'density' and 'dimension' are not interchangeable, yet both get abbreviated as 'D'.

In the chakra system, the back 1/3 of the chakra energetics are the subconscious, the middle 1/3 of the chakra energetics has been the astral, and the front 1/3 of the chakra energetics have been the conscious. With the merging of physical 3D and the astral 4D, the physical is now more mutable as was the astral, and the energy patterns of 4D astral dream-time more easily become manifest as physical reality. Reality is ascending, even if the patterns of emotional feelings about things, or the mental thoughtforms about things, have not necessarily been updated in the consciousness and / or subconscious of any particular [mankind]. Why speak of [mankind] particularly? Because such have been most misaligned. Yes other life forms are experiencing shifts as are [mankind], but they were not so far out of alignment as have been [mankind]. Traditionally, dreamtime served not only the distribution of collective wisdom, but has also been the last chance to experience the feelings of how a 'reality' 'will feel' once it manifests physically, and with linear time delays, meant that [mankind] have had a chance to intend something to manifest, experience it astrally to see if they really liked it, (or dysfunctionally resisted it), before it then manifest physically. With the collapse of 3D up into 4D, there is now a greater empowerment to be a reality creator and see rapid results of one's intent, but due to quicker manifestation, one needs to be more disciplined in consciousness in order to not create chaos or negativity as manifest reality via idle or negative thoughtforms or feelingforms not appropriate.

Whereas historically there has been veiling between dimensions / densities both due to limited [mankind] abilities, and due to intentional hiding of truth by entities in higher realms in order to keep [mankind] in lower consciousness, the lightwork clearing them and their limiting constructs from reality, and the ascensionwork bringing [mankind] consciousness clearly up to 4D+, means the veils are getting very thin or disappearing, and more and more of [mankind] now has access to higher realms and greater truths, for the 4D+ astral has historically been replete with illusions and deceptions, and quite a rogue's gallery of parasitic and negative entities and energies. With most of Gaia's geography and time-lines now being of 4D-, the major veil of both not-yet-seeing-truth and / or not-yet-able-to-influence 'reality' is for most [mankind] now shifted up to the boundary between 4D and 5D. This shift is forcing me to rewrite articles on my website to update the languaging and the dimensional / density boundaries and differences. So, i am tending to refer to 5D+ as the higher realms, which is the tag for 'ascended reality', which many are moving into, and 4D- as the now merged lower realms Gaia collective is working with. And for context, we restate that the crystal faeries energetics templates and ascension portal of Kaua'i has been bringing 8D templates of wholism down to 4D reality, thus strongly triggering awakening within many beings. With that preface, i now get to the main subject of this morning's work.

i was directed to dream with the cetaceans overnight, in order to bring to my own consciousness more details of the interaction of the sea and Gaia energy grids they are working with, and the 8D- guided ascension portal of Kaua'i. The cetaceans are our older and wiser bretheren. What i found was that the cetaceans are doing major processing of energies of both despair and depression from the 4D astral realm of [mankind]. They are deeply involved in both the lightwork and soundwork of cleaning up the 4D- mess made by and for [mankind]. One of the healing principles has always been that it is better to heal cause rather than merely effects, and that until the creating entity learns why and how they are creating the reality they create, they'll just repeatedly recreate it (symptoms), thus before one intervenes with 'a healing' of the energetics, one first has to bring to consciousness within the creator the comprehension of why and how their present beliefs or other energy patterns are causing the symptoms which are in need of healing. This is important to comprehend, because, [mankind] can only receive the blessings of healings by cetaceans, angels, faeries, and other lightworkers and loveworkers, to the extent, and in the timing of, their ownership of their role via will, or by belief, in having created the situation. Responsibility as creator for one's creations and all their consequences, is essential in order to progress in healing. When i say the cetaceans are majorly clearing the grid of our negative emotions, it means that we are becoming and need to be even more so, conscious of what creates those energies, and to consciously and subconsciously re-choose to focus upon, dwell in, and therefore create by intent and action, positive realities and energies. Thank the cetaceans for helping us out of love for us.

Let's focus upon [mankind] self responsibility for the grid's accumulation of despair and depression. These emotions are the natural and appropriate feeling state which help one become conscious that one is choosing inappropriately. One of the primary motivations for disclaiming one's divinity and creator-god(dess)-ness is in order to be able to blame others for reality as it is denial), or in order to be able to avoid being blamed for reality as it is (denial). Another is to avoid liability / responsibility for what one is creating (denial). Many complain that they don't have the full empowerment of adults (creator god(desse)s), while also at the same time refusing to be responsible for the consequences of their choices (denial). The attempt to avoid liability / responsibility for one's choices is a game with no winners. The primary form of this is known either as childhood (dependency upon big Father and big Mother) or citizenship (dependency upon Big Brother / blame of 'the leaders' one is following). This planet cannot be healthy until [mankind] self responsibly follow their own souls and boldly create from that guidance their own reality, and willingly embrace karmic responsibility therefor. The great [mankind] collective addiction to the drug known as 'debt', describes the combination of denial and 'stealing from the future'. Since time is an illusion, the future one borrows from is one's own future, and there is a reason that 'usury' is ethically bankrupt.

For those of us working with Faeries to heal the ecosystem, it may be relevant to heed guidance to allow each field to lie fallow 1 year out of 7, a practice no known corpse-oration follows, and most [mankind] having become corporatized, don't follow either. Failure to practice this is another form of stealing from the future. The health of the ecosystem is the health of the soil, which is a living combination of organisms, not merely a petrochemical layer. Stewardship of the microorganisms of the soil is essential to all life. There are ocean equivalents including coral, plankton, etc. The ocean is not the land's toxin dump.

Today i was introduced to someone as 'an awesome healer'.
Yes, they spoke from experience of my work for them.
i responded that 'we're all awesome; we each have our specialties.'

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