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12th November 2013

Today was the first day of Kaua'ian winter in the two-season model i use. As with many abodes here, without a space heater, the internal temperature fairly closely tracks the external. When the coconut oil in the kitchen pantry is solid in the morning, we've had a winter night. Spooning out some solidified oil leaves a 'divot', which, if still there that evening, implies a winter day where it never warmed up enough to re-melt. Different components of coconut oil have melting temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

i query for messages of expanding scope, from self, through Kaua'i, thence to Gaia:
"You have certainty of your 'chosen' time-line, and that it is an expression of your highest essence, rather than a mere ego-goal or worldly desire, that of expressing and manifesting crystal faeries energetics on Kaua'i. Shifting your energetics to that time-line is real, with decreasing wavering as you stabilize in it. Expressing that time-line via action is your concern, wondering if your upcoming move and associated changes 'will be enough?'. Trust, have faith, get accustomed to this new level of nowness in guidance and action, whereas in your old time-line you were accustomed to your clairvoyant visions of the future. The replacement of future vision with faith in the now has been your greatest challenge. When you worked beneath the veil, you had to check all the causality paths before a choice. Now all the details flow automatically as expression of the unveiled higher essence and purpose."
What of releasing all of my duality time-line?
"You already feel the decrease of process in all areas, but remain impatient to be complete. You know that you still serve as a communications channel from our 8D consciousness to those ascending, thus your ascension awaits completion of more service in 4D-, despite your impatience and wish to be done with it for yourself."

"Even in the past 24 hours you are cocreating the next Kaua'i event raising consciousness of ascension and the subtle realms which include we Fae. Even as we tell you now the probability of 7 more years of such service, it is both unsurprising and disapointing to not yet move beyond. Releasing the projection of history as an overlay of expectations on the future, you do know that this period will be quite different from the past. Releasing the overall Hathors model of two major transhistorical time-lines, trust you are indeed anchored into the New-Gaia major time-line family, and that your path shall involve a succession of time-line jumps within that family. The Armageddon time-line family is no longer of any concern to you, relax and play, Fae!"

"As for Ter-Ra scale energetics, you already know that the event you are now cocreating is initiating the integration of the 8D Ascension Energetics template into the Ter-Ra-an grid. Just as you are point individual in-body for our group, those you are cocreating with also are backed by many entities without physical bodies. These convergences are essential to the shifting and uplifting of the collective grid manifestation of the Gaia time-line. We recommend you put more energy into communion with the cetaceans, in order to be more conscious of the grid energetics shifts Kaua'i is leading."

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