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11th November 2013

Is there anything uniquely eleven-eleven-ish of note today?
"These 'signposts' or 'gateways' are merely 'permission slips' you give to yourself, in yet-limited conditionality of shifting consciousness to alternate time-line realities. Especially those associated with 'time', (therefor including all of astrology (the science of time)), are clearly only applicable to a dualistic reality wherein 'time' even exists. Since you already know that as an ascending being your focus is transcendent realms rather than duality, you already know that time, and the associated mental illusions of either 'continuity of reality' or 'causal relations between realities', are purely illusions of the 4D- time-space and its corresponding ego. So, yes, please proceed to give yourself permission to quantum leap today."

Is there any further guidance for time-line hopping?
While awaiting the manifestation of 'reality' to shift, i find myself questioning,
was i inadequate in doing one or more of the first 4 steps?
or am i merely needing to be patient while sitting in step 5?
"You are already feeling in your emotional body your process. You cannot let go of your old time-line until you release yourself from responsibility for your loved-ones."
From 3 days ago i am reminded of your advice:
"Let your truth be a beacon for you and your beloveds to follow, and let go of all that serves only your own ego-self."
which i am now comprehending more deeply, that i still must release my ego-attachment to helping others, which i am, as you say, feeling, as responsibility for or to them. i also feel my aversion to letting them go and facing the aloneness of the time-line jump i am intending, which they will not follow. And that makes it clear why your advised: "Listen to your heart and feel safe." and why you're now telling me: "let yourself cry the grief", i must release the reality and all relationships in it. Even after so many years of being clear of priority preference, resolving the [mankind] tendency to carry conflicting agendae, is the last step in switching realities? And, yes, the truth i have mirrored for my beloveds will be all i leave them with, and all of them i can take with me. Why oh why do we so doubt our own lovability? Because our beautiful reality of love was invaded by anti-live (evil). It no longer matters why or how, the fall happened, i only know that i am leaving the fallen reality. Some have said that our consciousness bought into the agendae of the evil invaders, that we adopted their values, and so fell into their reality. i release all of 3D-, and reclaim my right to my 8D origins. I'm returning to my family of crystal faeries. Oh, that's it. i got lost in rescuing everyone. My mission was only to rescue the fallen crystal faeries. The portal to our realm of origin, we cocreated, we made available to all. Mission accomplished. Now i can return to my family. 3D has never felt like where i belong, and it is so clear why. Have you any concluding message?
"Let it all be what it is. There is nothing to heal or fix. Duality will always be there to be explored. There is nothing to do for, by, or about another. Simply give yourself permission to be done with 3D. Let yourself know you have completed all past."
As the tears roll down my face, the downpour commences outside.
What is that 'saying'?
'Another angel gets her wings'?
This crystal faery wishes to fly to her family in 8D.

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