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10th November 2013

This morning i asked the crystal faeries to channel a message for me. "Listen to your heart and feel safe. The training to be a problem solver in 4D, has preconditioned your thinking to focus upon the negative, and to alleviate it through dualistic processes. That is old time-line. In your new time-line of transcendent reality, you are to focus only upon the positive, knowing that energy flows where attention goes, and that you are now to be a skilled time-line hopper, in a reality that is without process (of change). The subtleties of difference between reality creation, and the denial of 'magickal thinking', are that which have you concerned, doubting self, asking 'have i missed something?'. Yes, you are emotionally 'missing' being in process. It previously felt comforting 'to be doing something', to be engaged in a process in 4D. In your new time-line you are feeling a void, and perhaps a sense of 'guilt', that you should be 'earning your way' by being engaged in a 4D process of change. We recently addressed these 'deserving' and 'earning' issues. You are becoming comfortable without process, but are concerned that you may have slipped into 'magickal thinking', and therefore will fail to manifest as necessary. Thus we say, 'listen to your heart, and feel safe.'"

Listening to my heart I'm finding it time for more 'Fae Play'. I've been learning to play my flute purely 'by ear', organically exploring how i could 'play along with' various songs, or just let my soul speak through the flute with no melodious intent. Although I've stared rather blankly at them before, today i began practicing with the flute fingering charts, finding the missing sharps and flats of the musical scale, backtracking to pick up what i had missed along the journey. Apparently a little bit of 3D process with a 3D instrument is appropriate.

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