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4th November 2013

"The prime mover, or primary motivation, for one to choose, is every bit as significant as what one chooses or how one acts, to initiate manifestation. When it is about the separate self, a certain class of realities is invoked. When one is conscious of the consciousness of vibrations, and the vibrations of consciousness, there is room for both dispassionate detachment and compassion. Complete surrender to the moment with wise discernment to choose the highest synergestic benefit from amongst the flowing energy streams, compells appropriate synchronistic manifestations maximizing benefits. Staying in the moment in positive intent enables one to be both the best instrument of manifesting for others, and to receive abundant blessings."
The better we are at serving others voluntarily in divine flow, the more the divine flow spills over into our own reality time-line.
"Each moment is its own unique independent reality, therefore, even the concept of a time-line is itself an illusion we benefit from releasing."

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