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3rd November 2013

As i continue to practice 8D energy blessings for more people, the feedback continues to include concepts like: 'A whole new perspective on life.', or 'A new enthusiasm to live.', or 'Initially more subtle, but more powerful within a couple days.' as a result of aligning their energies to their 8D selves. Living in such alignment is making for very easy flow in the now. Administering a couple spritzes of 'Fae Play' essence, and i not only feel the comfort of being fully 'at one' in my heart, i also feel a little giggly. Carrying all of these energies through the eclipse point, continuing the rebirth process, i am feeling more in harmony with the imagery of the quietly cocooned butterfly, than with the showey flames of the phoenix bird.

"One of the 'upgrades' we have made in our energy blessings is the careful breaking of causative links between energy patterns of memory. This is guided by dialog with their higher self, and leaves all of their memory intact, however, we are breaking the connections between 'events', so that the individual can relate with each 'reality of the moment' as a separate reality, rather than as a 'chain of events' to which 4D [mankind] traditionally ascribe 'cause-effect' chains in linear time. This allows them to more quickly jump to 5D perspective, as they (re-)view their own history, being less confined by 'believed-in causalities', thus liberating the next moment to not have to fit into a previously believed-in 'causality chain'. This greatly facilitates their process of 'healing' their history, by being able to address more easily separate 'chunks' of the history, but more importantly it makes it much easer to make new choices and to develop new perspectives of self and reality which don't have to fit into the previous models of linear time or cause-effect. As their perspective shifts to 5D they are much more empowered to jump time-lines. Sufficiently large time-line jumps are often perceived as miraculous manifestation. Therefore, 'faery magick' may seem quite miraculous, yet is still made of simple changes."

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