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29th October 2013

"Using celeste's process as example, we have been addressing the state of determinism from certain alignment with essence. This results also in stronger alignment of energy patterns in peace and acceptance, and a stronger demand by body for only those substances of alignment with higher essence. Perhaps another way to state this condition is that there is one appropriateness for you, and many inappropriatenesses, many ways to go out of balance. With the greater alignment to that one truth, there is less 'slack' in the choice process of discernment of appropriateness. All of this is resulting in stabilizing in a higher vibration and ability to hold a chosen time-line. To hop time-lines, one must stabilize in the new time-line and release everything else. That simple statement summarizes many profound changes and their consequences. Another version is 'focus of energy'. Perseverence in holding the new time-line becomes easier as alignment with it becomes more complete."

i have often commented about the choice process of most [mankind], an observation derived from my many years of healing. Most people's lives are determined by 3 choices, combined with the priority they assign to those 3 choices:

Once we prioritize one of those, that choice determines the available pool of alternatives for the remaining two choices.

I've committed, since 1999-08-31, to living upon Kaua'i, not so much because of the extant multicultural society, but because of my ancient Lemurian links to this 'aina. (The Hawaiian isles are the mountain tops of the sunken Lemurian continent.) As with everything in my life, it's about the subtle energy, the mana. As an energy worker, i was guided to live here for the energy of the land. When i move soon, the energy of my new location will be important. i had been single since 1993, once i completed karmicly driven relationships, as a necessary aspect of my spiritual mission, completed 2012-12-21.

Now i am finding that as i align everything in my life more with my ascension into higher essence, (equally describable as a descension of essence into embodiment in a body of ascending frequency), and particularly as my intent of time-line jumping is to change embodyment, that my prioritization of the time-line reality compells, as expected, all other 'choices'. This brings me to the awareness of intent to share today, the level of peace resulting from the level of surrender to, the new reality and all the changes triggered by commitment to it. Unlike the inner worlds of many of the people i have healed, and unlike my own history, the level of alignment and surrender to, one overriding, essence based choice of reality, is a whole new experience.

Most of [mankind] life is an exercise in prioritizing competing agendae. The concept of 'making a choice' is a simple 'name' for a very complicated process, one which is rarely completed. In other words, for most people dealing with most of the choices in their lives, a choice is never done. It is merely today's balance of priority between a never-resolved competition of goals which are not in alignment with each other.

i am observing, in the peace i am experiencing now versus in my own history, as a consequence of greater alignment with my higher essence, and how the choice of ascension, is so compelling of reality, that much of what most call 'free will choice', and much of the doubt, uncertainty, and inner conflict over 'choice', is no longer present in my experience.

Beyond the quantum leap i am experiencing in peacefullness of living consequent to the actual completion of many choice processes, so typically driven by internal competing goals, a state much achievable by permanent prioritization of goals, i am experiencing even more resolution from the release of goals other than my having crystalized my focus upon a single overriding goal, that of making a time-line hop, into a time-line which includes all my remaining goals as manifest. What is so different?
The sense of the possibility and probability of a miraculous change of manifest reality. i comprehend that the manifest reality is always a mirror of the inner state of energy. Having completed my planetary mission, i am finally able to focus upon my own time-line choice. i am experiencing the alignment of my energies into that time-line. A large part of that process, has been consequent to a self chosen new mission of service to the crystal faeries and Kaua'i and ascension for all. What is different is the choice to do that on my own terms. The situation is no longer so dire, as with my previous mission, that self sacrifice in service to mission is required. In fact, the very mission now, that of ascension, compells the end of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not a higher truth. Truth compells both:

Thus, as our journey through MercuryRx continues, and we revisit with an intent to complete past, a great peace arrives inside. It has long been stated, to see world peace, be at peace with the world. Peace starts inside self with self. It starts with aligning lower self to higher self. Ascension solves many problems. To ascend, one must complete all of one's problems. To complete all of one's problems, would rather seem to require, releasing of having any problems, complete and total acceptance of what is. That is not a product of any corpse-oration. Nobody else can give it to you or do it for you, though there are those who can guide your own process.

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