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28th October 2013

Vetiver shall be tonight my journey guide to my communing in dreamspace with my family of crystal faeries, one drop of essential oil shared on my wrists on the way to dreamland. Awaking, the theme du jour is the 'process' of rebirthing. There are those whose version of that is a lot of breathing, and a focus on 'healing' whatever trauma was experienced during the actual birth of the body at age zero, but, that is not the kind of rebirth to which i refer. The anti-example is someone i know who recently stated: 'I would rather die than change!', and he meant it, and he is living it, or, more accurately, he is literally dying it. i watch his body age, his hair turn grey, his disabilities increase, and his accumulation of medical surgeries increase. Refusal to adapt to change is the primary cause of aging, diseasing, dying. Therefore, those of us who insist upon actually living, (especially those of us who bothered to accomplish lawful status of living), are of the opposite mind: 'I would rather change than die!' The pattern of changing bodies to change lessons, is an old one for [mankind], and was befitting the earlier incarnations earlier in the Mayan calender map of the speed of growth of consciousness. However, we've reached the point of no limits, and no longer being bound by linear time, and therefore infinite growth rate, but, there are still those in body whose patterns predated that quantum leap, and thus for whom that may very well be their appropriate path. Many are continuing to manifest the pattern of generational roles. Once you achieve the seniority of grandparent, your next step is deathing, in that paradigm. For many tracking that path, deathing begins with 'retirement'.

For those of us on the ascension path, ascension itself is a 'rebirth'. Therefore, practicing for ascension by practicing rebirth may already have been a chosen lifestyle. I've lost track of how many years I've lived the pattern of bi-annual rebirthing, taking advantage of the triggering of the solstices to release my previous half-year's patterns, and to prepare for the next half-year. But for many of us now, we are no longer practicing for ascension, we are now in the practice of ascension. Much of my rebirth into ascension has been journalled above in this blog, and what I'm now addressing here is my observation about the process of ascension with many of those I'm healing. But before launching into those patterns, I'll mention another rebirth process I've taught for many years, practiced in meditation. Many meditations focus upon breath as a technique for staying in the here and now moment. But what is the nature of that moment? We find 4 phases in the breath cycle:

Perhaps in many of our past rebirths, we have merely redefined our ego self. In the now ascension process, we are dying to identication with the ego, and re-identifying with the higher self. Thus much of our 'new' self is our true essence, qualities of our eternal self. The surrender into a life fully directed from, expressive of, higher self essence, is very much a larger and more permanent death of the ego self, and somehow, in many I'm observing, the ego knows this, and perhaps fights a little harder, or expresses more intense fear, until we overcome fear itself not just each little fear.

Our current MercuryRx, combined with Plutonian triggers to dive deep, dig out burried emotions, clear out secrets, allow intense passions, and experience death of (false) self identity, is making for a very intense rebirth. This digging out and releasing 'the dirt' is truly triggering, especially for those on the ascension path, a full release of all self identities, in order to align with deepest true essence.

One of the patterns we are releasing is any identification of self based upon past / history. Any concepts that we are defined by, limited by, or empowered by, our past, is an ego identification illusion, which is not sustainable in the eternal now moment of spiritual essence / higher self. Likewise, life is a flow of energy now, not some future that has not yet arrived. Because we are still in, though beginning to move out of, a chaotic time node where it's easiest to jump between time-line realities, one of our best options is to really manifest a miracle of extreme change. This is an extreme rebirth, to quantum leap miraculously from one reality to another. The question is, 'how big a miracle am i willing to create / manifest / receive, today?'
Am i ready to have all my physical body health ailments miraculously replaced with complete health?
Am i willing to let go of all attachements to either the ailments or their meanings, and let go of all illusions that there must be some process of change between one reality and another, rather than a quantum leap?
If the consciousness focus is upon 'what is being lost / released', then complete blockage of change may occur. What is being gained, true essence, is often experienced as so quiet and calm, that we may miss the treasures it brings us.

The most significant change I'm observing in many people I'm facilitating, is the completion of, or release of, purpose. Many of the purposes many of us have carried, have been compensatory to a disease, injury, or out-of-alignment reality. Up through the 2012-12-21 gateway, 'saving the planet' was very much a 'mission' for many of us, and for myself i cognized the completion of that on that date. One of the challenges then is to face the reality of living without purpose. Whatever of our self identity or self value was based in a worthy or noble purpose, is released, and may then be replaced by a comfortable flow of the now based in essence expression. i had blogged on a previous day the noticing of less free will choice process in living, as truly living as a complete expression of essence compells a most appropriate reality, from which exercise of choice is a distraction into less appropriateness. Sometimes, purpose was an antidote to fear, so once fears are faced, purpose unravels, and with it, the illusions of value we had projected upon such purpose. It is time to release all doing-based values (yang) and feel fully valuable in just being (yin). From the infinite well of essence, we may live the flow of the moment inspiration of creativity, expressing essence through our creation, purely for the joy of creation, rather than creating with a motivation in limited thinking. One cannot prostitute one's creativity to a job one does not enjoy, when one is living essence. Creativity from essence expresses in unlimited abundance, is inspired to share the creation with all for free, for Aloha is all about giving what one has to share. When one trusts in one's place within divinity, one absolutley knows that they are supported to be, and to do that which is the truth of their essence.

Just as our lower chakra survival 'life' is supported, and just as rebirth into appropriateness must occur with that, our emotional, mental, and spiritual realities must be in full alignment with our core essence, and our true spiritual intent from higher self. We remember who we truly are, and our spiritual purpose for incarnating. For some, our primary purpose has been accomplished, and we are much now standing in free will choice of what next is interesting or fun to create?
i find this the greatest joy of all: standing in infinite possibility, with a playful and joyful attitude of creativity. What magick shall i do next?

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