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27th October 2013

Now it is all about our own consciousness, as part of the holographic one.
Now it is all about our consciously choosing to direct our own consciousness.
Now it is all about not being 'mind controlled' by lower consciousnesses.
Now it is all about not submitting to control by others of our minds, governing of our minds ('govern-ment').
We are too powerful to allow ourselves to dabble in either negative or limited consciousness or choices.
Therefore, it is imperative to develop and use the skills of consciousness, and especially those of deprogramming one's own subconscious, so that one's consciousness is living active appropriate current choices, rather than beliefs from others or from our own history.
Since the reality time-lines we manifest come from our consciousness, and since we are in a time of greater empowerment to manifest, it is more important than ever to have congruence of consciousness, in thoughts, words, and in actions.
In this time of MercuryRx, we are to dive deep into the depths of our essence, to find our deepest truths, to find our true priorities, and to release obsolete and limited consciousness, to prepare to 'step up' as god(dess) incarnate, as joyous creators by intent, of a divine life on the Garden Isle.

Our manifestation of a tool of frequency, making use of the frequency holding abilities of the crystal known as water, and that of 'essential oil', in the confluence of energies which celeste found uniquely appropriate, and to best hold the joyous divine play energies of crystal faeries, in 'Fae Play' essence, is an example of manifesting consciousness, and using a tool, (a spritz of essence), to quickly re-focus consciousness, into a chosen positive reality time-line. We can each find our own ways to quickly redirect our consciousness to higher vibrations.

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