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26th October 2013

Being in the here and now in our consciously chosen highest vibration (ascended consciousness) is the key to manifesting our highest reality time-line experience, when acted upon in the moment.
My question for the crystal faeries is, 'How are we progressing?'

"We wish to invoke into consciousness now, the description by Kryon of the cosmic lattice, parts 1 & 2, as background information relating to our 8D ascension codes, which are active in our 8D ascension portal(s), such as on Kaua'i. Please notice the description of using two magnetic fields to generate a 3rd, which can unbalance a cell, thus liberating infinite energy from the lattice. Now, please review how this is done biologically in psychic healing work via the technology of a [mankind] body. Intent of will while in the high vibration state of joy has the power to manifest miracles. Some may consider such 'powers' to be the proof of ascended reality, yet, they are merely the minor mirrorings of ascended consciousness, which itself, is its own reward, and rather more precious an attainment; samadhi."

"Next please notice the structure of Kaua'i having two major mountain peaks. These 'crystal points' together form the polarized pairs Kryon refers to, and the energy grids linked to them, and their interaction in activating all of the Garden Isle with divine energies, is a major focus of our work with crystaline energy patterns. The combination of the DNA crystal codes from 8D, with the energy grid tuning of the crystaline Gaia, provide easier access to the ascended consciousness and the ascended 'siddhis'."

"That all of these energy patterns are in place and functioning optimally, and that this is all as intended, is comfortably appropriate, and pleasing. Now, it is up to each individual to cognize the bounty of divinity available, and to make wise and positive choices of will steering such powers."

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