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25th October 2013

It seems to be time to cognize the alchemy of ascension energetics which the crystal faeries are activating upon the 'aina of Kaua'i:
"There have been those who have intentionally kept portions of the 'aina in past time. The resultant chaotic scattering throughout linear time is not conducive to cohesiveness of Kaua'i. We are pulling the entire Kaua'i Sovereign Space into cohesiveness now through the lunation. This is coincidental to work by the whales with the deepest valleys of the ocean via their songs. This is effectively them announcing that Lemuria is reactivated to all the underwater life. The biggest shift is that any [mankind] are now paying attention to these energies. Oh, sure, there are periodically 'scientists' poking about in 3D, but we're referring to the shamanic journeying together of dolphins, whales, and [mankind], etc., with everyone retuning to the Lemurian consciousness grid upon which to modulate our shared life. Even Gaia-Sophia is retuning to the shared song of all life she is hostessing, in the key of 'L'. We have been working with ultraviolet light and activation of the next octave of DNA frequencies for organic plants. We are also building a resonance an octave down from our usual frequencies in order to better manifest on Kaua'i. The acknowledgement of love and oneness is the most important message we are all sharing now."

Someone asked me today if i preferred 'space ships' or 'fairies'. i can perceive that the vibration of both would be in my energy fields. i had to answer that i previously was more interested in space ships, but that now, i am way more interested in fairies, in organic life rather than in technology or machines. Of course, as we already know from contact with our brothers and sisters, there are organic space ships as well as pure machine technology ones.

Are we ready to complete our time-line hop to the New Gaia of pure love and light? As our day of Freya gently arrives to completion i wish to share my blessings of faery magick for you. May your flow of divine energies be graceful and beautiful. Resting within the clarity of the truth of one's essence and purpose, is such a gentle and sweet place, that i wish to share the joy all around.
The crystal faeries just danced on my crown chakra and joked:
"Q: How many crystal faeries can dance on a pinhead?"
"A: All of us!"
And so i close my day with a hearty giggle, and appreciation of my friends.

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