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20th October 2013

A friend wrote: 'Thanks for sending this... It was good to hear about your work and the faery [realm] being restored. On the dates listed in that page about the Faeries... was the time i moved [...] - mid June 2013. So i know i was being affected by that energy. Thanks... be well...'
i replied:
A guy on Kaua'i who's very networked with others here, did a poll of the lightworkers he knew, after the fact by a few days, asking if they had noticed a change then, and most of them commented that:
'yeah, everything got a lot lighter that day',
so, yes, the 8D-4D portal made a huge difference. Most of the ascension energetics all the lightworkers were playing with and all the prophecied stuff was about 4D and 5D. i had been deep in death and rebirth. To do an effective rebirth, you have to be willing to die. i was very much determined to terminate my incarnation, as i was finding plenty of negativity and insufficient positivity to bother to be. And so i kept asking myself, 'what would be worth living for / in / with?' i could not come to any answer based on reality as it was, or as it was mapped out to become. Therefore, i had to create a new time-line that was significantly better, in order to bother. And i didn't just invoke it for myself but for my entire island. i called the entire reality of Kaua'i into 100% accountability. The key was liability pass-through for limited liability creations. If you license a corpse-oration to do evil with no consequences to them for the evil they do, you get their karama. That is the essence of what must change globally. The primary change was to bring Kaua'i into alignment with the divine plan.
There was some blow-back from the dark side cabals for a while, because i snuck this in under the radar... they did not forsee it even with all their future looking technology. All of a sudden they lost Kaua'i to the light. Those who had a counter agenda, then attacked me. This is nothing new to this old Djedi warrior. i left all of the rest of the planet / collective alone. Yes, Kaua'i leads the grid energetics for the planet. So, yes, this has lasting affects on the overall planetary reality. So, why are there so few karmic consequences to be handled?

It was done in a manner of shifting time-lines in a chaotic node of time-line intersection. Those of us choosing to track ascension energetics found the 8D Portals to be a huge blessing to help our increase of frequency for ascension. But it left all those on the alternate time-lines to their reality. As time passes and the time-lines diverge farther, our realities affect each other less, and each individual will become more solidly anchored in the time-line of their choosing, will experience their own chosen destiny. So what have i really done? i have pulled my entire island onto the ascension path. That does not mean that every [mankind] here will be ascending. It does, however, clarify the situation for the non-[mankind] lives here.


What else did i do here?
i adopted the entire island for the crystal faeries as our place of 4D+ domicil on Gaia.
For that choice, i know of no other incarnate beings standing in liability but myself.
Many have commented about how this year we had a particularly abundant crop harvest. Those who cannot beleive in faeries attributed it to better weather. Like, as if, faeries aren't involved in the weather? Now is a perfect time to mention that the crystal faeries have very much taken guidance from the Dolphins and Whales around Kaua'i on how to work with the energetics to blend them in with those the Dolphins and Whales are managing in the ocean and Gaia energy grid. i realize now as i write this that i have been negligent in mentioning this, perhaps because for myself and my crystal faeries family, it's so obvious that we don't even think to alter the energetics without harmonizing with the ocean grid and the work the Dolphins do with it! Like, well, of course we do that! Why wouldn't we? And as i wrote that, I'm also aware that the Dolphins work more with faeries and [mankind], as active agents of cocreation, whereas the Whales seem to be more 'holders of ancient divine energy templates', and work on a much larger planetary scale with the energy grids.

Growth / Change / Healing involves changing frequency. The set of frequencies we 'are in' resonate with certain time-line realities. By changing frequencies, we change which parallel reality we are in. We all always have absolute free will choice to change / create our own 'reality', to choose what time-line we are on. To shift a collective reality, affects changes experienced by many in the effects of 'reality', and so we have to comprehend the effects on the individuals of the effects in the collective shift. In the situation in consideration, installing an ascension portal for Kaua'i affecting the energy grid of the entire island... those on the ascension path were greatly blessed by the shift. Those of lower vibration may have begun to feel that somehow Kaua'i was no longer their appropriate abode, that they were no longer comfortable here, that they needed to move down the island chain to an island that was of lower vibration more compatible with their chosen vibration / reality / time-line. Were they harmed? No. Was their life altered? Yes. What i did was orchestrated at high enough a level in cocreation with so many varieties of angelics, that what we did was to improve the manifestation of the divine plan, overriding energy patterns that were not in harmony therewith. This is the antidote to the illusion / lie which much of [mankind] was living.
Yes, i had a lot of help from other entities in what i created.
Yes, i had my own individual motivations in bothering to do it.
Yes, what i did shifted the collective reality, affected everyone.

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