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19th October 2013

i am asking my crystal faeries family for any insights on the Lunar Eclipse we've just experienced.
"As a strong impulse of polarized (dualistic) energies, the Eclipse is triggering things to come into balance, or pushing people's buttons to become quite imbalanced, so that they may see where they need to do some inner work. We have been taking advantage of this to shift the energetics of the south western quadrant of Kaua'i, which had been 'stuck' in a lower consciousness paradigm, very attached to old 3D polarities. One aspect of this is the military presence there, and we have been able to raise the frequencies there recently to bring the area more into alignment with the rest of Kaua'i. The other energetic unhappiness of that quadrant is the militarized crops, which have just received a rebuff in the 3D realm. We have mentioned in the past that we are holding a purity of energy supportive of the life of plants in alignment with the divine template, but not of the perverted DNA of the Genetically Monstrous Obamanations. If one stops for a moment to think about this, we have been clear that our biggest focus is the activation of 8D ascension codes in [mankind] genetics, switching codons in support of their own divine template, it should likewise be simple to comprehend, that correspondingly in the plant realm, our energetics are activating the codons of organic life, and switching 'off' the codons not in alignment with life. The GMO corpse-orations are still profiting from an old paradigm, one already publicly disproved by publicly admitted science, whereby [mankind] has moved beyond the limited thinking that genetics are inherited (or made in the laboratory), and then the recipient is 'stuck with' or 'controlled by' their inherited DNA. Clearly, energy frequency activations are now proven to either activate or de-activate codons, so that you [mankind] now know, the energy field du jour is more important than the inheritance. We have stated that on Kaua'i now :-) 'GMO just won't grow'. So even with the limited awakening of the 3D regulators, even given their corruption to still grant licenses for GMO, we shall continue to limit the environmental damage via energetics, and ultimately the Genetically Mutilated Obamanations on Kaua'i shall fail. That is the plant realm version of 'aligning with one's core essence'."

"Because the energy activations of which we are speaking are now part of the Kaua'i energy grid with the presence of the 8D Ascension Portal, we continue to observe subtle effects in the people of Kaua'i. Particularly because of the synchrony of this activation 'to core essence' combined with the current astrological triggers of 'goddess awakening', Kaua'i's women are experiencing a renascence which is everything from subtle in its shift throughout the populace, to profoundly life changing for some individuals, as lives integrate the new clarity, purpose, and wholism of authentic essence. Although this may be profoundly disruptive of lives that were not in congruence, the outcome is wonderfully positive as the real goddess emerges. Of course, we now get to 'lather, rinse, repeat' another time, with 3 weeks of MercuryRx we can reexamine to bring to thorough completion."

i intend that new time-line realities be very fulfilling and appropriate for our essence, our authentic lives of essence expression. That's very much my focus now :-) It's crystal faery agenda :-) As we ascend to be more the expression of our higher selves, it just is.

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