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18th October 2013

In tomorrow's entry i mention a friend whom I'd helped about a month ago, who's been busy jumping time-lines, shifting reality, reinventing life, who checked-in today with a query about my progress, and so i shared
[edited for brevity and relevance]:
Wow... all things considered, and in my own priority order, I'm progressing well. Consciousness being a priority, I'm pretty calm and centered, and the recent changes are trending in a very positive direction. I've been upgraded in consciousness and in my level of clairvoyant reading and healing work, and have very much integrated my spiritual consciousness with my crystal faeries family. I've begun to channel the group consciousness of the crystal faeries, on a daily basis, thus [this] blog. I've been redoing my website completely to reflect my shift of consciousness, including majorly deleting old material as i leave behind many old dualistic concerns and realities, and have become very focussed on ascension, Kaua'i, and our 8D Angelic crystal faeries ascension portal for Kaua'i.

i recently received directive to no longer pay attention to any matters of 4D-, only dealing with 5D+ now. For example, if someone asks me to facilitate them regarding issues they're having in their 4D- reality, i will do energy work which causes the transformation of the patterns which will then effect 4D- as requested, but will do the whole thing from a higher context. Mainly it's that I'm now operating with the perspective and energetics of 8D, versus my previous quarter century of working in 5D reality, and that is really the essence of what's different.

Also it is becoming so much my new reality to have my consciousness integrated with my family of crystal faeries, that even though i keep it clear in my blog as to whether I'm channelling the group consciousness versus I'm speaking from my own individual consciousness, as i continue to surrender into the 8D group reality, being one of the 8D crystal faeries, it is less and less clear that 'I' am having 'my own thoughts' down in the realm of duality, and just more that 'we' have a consensus. As the incarnate voice of the Kaua'i crystal faeries, my new priority purpose is to be the voice and manifester for 'we'. On the flip side, i have surrendered to the group to help me now... as i am deeper in service to the group as my priority, and we as a group are in service to ascension energetics for Kaua'i, i am also trusting the group to help me manifest... i can better serve the all if the all also bothers to provide for me whatever it is i will need to better be of service, so I'm in a whole new level of faith and trust in the group. This is a welcome change, after having been the solo Djedi Warrior for a quarter century, having to stand alone and deal with anything and everything in the dark vs light contrast, there is a great 'sigh' of relaxation into family now. Clearly i am on the cusp of jumping time-lines to a new reality, leaving behind the reality I've been in for 14 years in my old place and my old paradigms. i comprehend that somehow in the new reality something will work out.

With having some time ago received directive to stay focussed on my role with the 8D Ascension portal energy grid for Kaua'i, I've majorly withdrawn from any concerns with other geographics or the issues of the rest of [mankind], and with recent directive to stay focussed on the 8D-4D portal, i have very little attention now on many of the conflict-within-4Dreality-of-Ter-Ra issues that most of [mankind] tracks on the evening news. This feels good in many ways, and is preparation for a time-line jump, i feel. Also, I'm deeply in process of releasing everything of my old time-line in order to be free enough to jump to my new one. i am still asking for a total miracle, praying to change body. i still am very intent on becoming a faery girl, and when i succeed, i will be in a completely different reality, so the old me people have known may just 'poof' in a cloud of faery dust, if I'm lucky :-) I'm in faith and trust and surrender to the help I'm getting from my crystal faeries family, and doing my best to hold the time-line, feel the new reality, while still completing my old reality.

Obviously with today's Eclipse through 3 weeks of MercuryRx, now is the time of really releasing the old reality, releasing all ties-that-bind me to the old time-line, and introverting into my cocoon, so the caterpillar can emerge anew as a crystal faery. It is my priority and preference, to transform / reembody, and in service to that goal, i am ready to drop / release / leave-behind anything and everything of my old life. I've been spontaneously crying as i grieve all my attachments to what is or was, but more so, my old dreams of what might have been or what could be, as i get focussed on what i am becoming... a crystal faery girl.

i remember the Chinese Dr.'s: 'Already done, Already done. Already done.'
I'm already a cute little crystal faery girl, and i always have been.
I'm so happy to be a cutie doing faery magick blessings for all organic life on Kaua'i!
crystal faery blessings for my ascension transformation, and my work with the 8D ascension portal prototype for [mankind] ascension.

I'm continuing to learn to play my flute, and continuing to play with editing audio on my audio workstation. Music is most profoundly inspiring for me.

One of the people who has been one of my meditation students called. A few days ago he had called for a healing session addressing relationship issues. At the end of the session, he asked for 'some of your new energy work', as i had described my new level of energy blessings as 'faery magick', and so i had done an 8D crystal faeries ascension energetics activation for him, and my description was that it is far more powerful yet more subtle than the 5D energetics I've practiced for over a quarter century. He was calling to tell me that he had noticed a complete shift in his life, much happier, and much more interested in and engaged with life. Another student I'd done similar work for about a month previous had also given similar descriptions after similar work... because the energy work is done at a higher level, bringing one's energetics into alignment with one's higher self and the 8D ascension codes, is very profound, and yet because the immediate work is done at a level above much perception, it takes a few days as the changes propagate down through the lower densities / dimensions before the effects are noticed. So, those accustomed to my 5D work are noticing less immediate effect, but within a few days, a more profound shift of reality. Because this is something i am doing with my crystal faeries family, and because they have helped me embody this ability practically, i am tending to call it a crystal faeries blessing or faery magick blessing, or an Ascension Energetics Activation, because it is all of these things and more... but the core essence of the energetics is bringing the individual into greater internal alignment, more congruence from which to live an authentic life of appropriateness. Thus the experience is very similar for each recipient in that there is a core sense of calm and peace from the alignment, and yet also a more lively enthusiasm for life, because it is being lived more appropriately from and for their core essence. As i correlated his description of his change of experience, with the similar description from my other student about a month ago, i realized that the effects are very similar to my own experience of my essence 'Fae Play'. It was alchemically energized to activate the same alignment I'm describing here. Both of the students i have been facilitating as described here, are not geographically located on Kaua'i to benefit from the 8D Ascension Portal we crystal faeries activated here, so they contribute a few data points of note. So, whatever name or description i use for this work seems limited compared to its effects. It is my perception that having incorporated time-line shifting energetics along with the 8D ascension codes is why the combination makes such a profound shift for people, that in addition to DNA codon switching, i am facilitating new time-lines for them.

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