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16th October 2013

Wow, when it's time to shift energies, things really move far and fast. Now that it has arrived to leave 3D behind, I'm really flushing out all old time-line 'stuff', physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, relationally, domestically, in my facilitation, and my website. The Hathors had suggested that we were jumping time-lines, on many scales, from the transhistorical two primary time-lines of collective planetary reality, to the very individual where they suggested that, yes, it works for manifesting your own reality. While i have my individual goals, for my private life, clearly my role with the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals is going to be a major focus in my life, of my life, is going to be my collective reality, for it is my participating with the crystal faeries facilitating ascension, which is my passion beyond my individual play of the moment. Therefore, most of my time-line is a result of surrendering into the shared reality with the crystal faeries, and because that time-line has as its priority a specific service to perform, many of the details are from my point of view as an individual, completely surrendered. Because the reality which supports the ability to hop time-lines requires living in the now and because actual spiritual guidance is always in the now, my path is very much surrendered, to the larger plan, and therefore with faith and trust, acceptance and allowance, it actually takes less attention than if i was focussed on a purely individual path, purpose, time-line. Yes, intense growth, change, and attention of the moment are required at times, but many things are predetermined by fitting into the larger picture, and at the same time, that increases positive synergy. There are times like now when it's time to put down the keyboard, and rest my fingers on the keys of my flute, and let my soul commune with life wordlessly... right after a little spritz of 'Fae Play' essence. -- celeste:crystalfaery

"We are holding the upper octaves of the aetheric grid in alignment with the akashic patterns of the Lemurian consciousness activation. The dolphins are reweaving the energy grid around Kaua'i to make a smoother transition between Kaua'i's grid and the grid around the rest of the Hawaiian mountain chain, keeping a coherence for the area, which remains in resonance with crystaline structures beneath the ocean floor. Kaua'i's grid remains anchored in certain realities, as has been chosen by certain [mankind] groups, who are committed to holding on to certain old realities, e.g. the Iraivan Shiva Temple's 700-pound clear quartz crystal is programmed to invoke the Shiva idol entity. This 'spiritual colonization' of the aina of Kaua'i is a continuation of ancient race wars between groups of souls who now colonize the planet in [mankind] form. To the extent that these factions are peaceably coexisting with aloha together sharing Kaua'i, that harmonizes the energies between their larger aligned groups, extending our peace out to the rest of the planet, and from the planetary embodiments of those larger soul groups, it also creates harmony between those soul groups beyond the incarnational focus of Gaia. Inversely, disharmony between those groups is brought to our island's embodiments, where we are now facing any disharmonies and working to harmonize them peaceably."

"As Kaua'i island resonates with the Ajna Chakra frequencies, we are the visionaries of the planet. This is why you, celeste, were brought here, and why we the crystal faeries have initiated the ascension activation energetics here as Beta Test, after you, celeste, did the Alpha Testing with your ascension meditation group. We take this opportunity of focus to point out that each of your alpha testers, the individuals who received the initial 8D Ascension Portal templates, and began working with them in their meditations, have tracked the group adoption of the time-line jumping technique, and have become quite busy with their own reality creations. This was so successful that we included the akashics information related to the time-line jumping energetics, into the ascension templates. We remind everyone that those templates are part of the akashics information which streams down through the Kaua'i 8D group Ascension Portal, offering to all entities, the information and frequency codes of both ascension and time-line jumping useful to shift experienced reality."

"As we have noted on the previous day, there is an expanding quantum gap between the old 3D reality / time-line (which is being used for the lessons of those souls who are still choosing 3D conflict realities), and the time-line of ascension to 5D New-Gaia (which includes as foundation, the principle of cocreative synergy via voluntary alignment of will, a reality which is founded upon, comprehension of our essential oneness). That we are proceeding relatively comfortably with both the harmonizing of so many varied factions, and the relatively quick increase of frequency, is a success of great magnitude, which we wish to acknowledge, and for which we would like to suggest some moments of appreciation. Then we recommend extending those moments into a lasting attitude."

celeste accesses her bags of YLO (Young Living™ Oils) in order to apply some of the oil blend 'Gratitude', which is a lower octave of the energy of appreciation, and then 'upgrades' her bottle of 'Gratitude' via alchemical channelling of 'appreciation' energies, to activate the oil with the higher octave energetics it lacks.

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