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15th October 2013

Some days the quiet time of the night, so optimal for channelling the delicate higher frequencies of the crystal faeries consciousness, arrives before rather than after sleep time. celeste spritzes with 'Fae Play' essence in preparation. What message shall we end the day with?
"In the past 3 hours we began shifting the energetics of the Kaua'i 8D portal, (approximately as local time crossed midnight). When we mentioned we were through addressing 3D reality, it is because we are leaving it 'behind', (or more accurately,'below' in frequency range), and that includes you too, celeste, particularly as our primary incarnate voice, you will not be addressing the 3D realities nor time-lines any more. Even should someone approach you for facilitation, with 'presenting issues' of 3D nature, you will have little more to say of the 3D aspects, than that effects in that realm arrive typically within 72 hours consequent to energy blessings done in the higher realms. We, the entire crystal faeries family caretaking Kaua'i, are returning focus to our ascension bridge between 4D and 8D, the ascension portal which brings the blessings of energetics and akashics from the 8D ascended template (pre fall), to the 4D focussed Kaua'i, which is on the ascension time-line. This is the divergence point where 4D begins to accellerate away from 3D. By a week from now there will be a much larger gap of frequency between them. We have initiated a gentle quantum leap. Yes, as you are surmising, celeste, this is indeed, the initiation of the separation of 3D from 4D time-lines, or, 'the train has left the station'. The angelics we work with, had asked us to 'hold the train' until this time, despite it being such a challenge for you, celeste, to have stayed with the old time-line to hold the portal open, this long. Our focus now commits to 4D and up only. The 8D portal of Kaua'i stands doing its energy work, and may yet be sufficient for some to simply come to Kaua'i and make the leap to 4D within the 8D portal energetics, but our 'individual' assistance shall of necessity be focussed upon those who have passed the test of being able to access and hold 4D. Those who 'missed the train' will at this point, have an easier time ascending by concluding their 3D business, and reincarnating into a new body which carries genetics which more easily support ascension."

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