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13th October 2013

What a wonderful day; flowing in the moment, mostly working on my website and intaking much audio and visual material, just charging up with shift of consciousness as i get ready to rebirth and make new announcements about my new direction, and redoing my website to reflect the new me since everything ultimatley points there for details. I'm doing what i can to bring myself into alignment with my new time-line which i don't yet know. i feel very much "in the void". I've done the work to release the old time-line and the new hasn't arrived as daily life. I'm doing what i can to be in what isn't here yet, which is also to not much be in what is. I'm doing my best to live the guidance from the Hathors without clearly knowing what I'm doing, so just doing what i can to vibrate my joy and desired reality in the process,

i'm becoming aware that perhaps the 3D virtual worlds may be fading away for me. i previously sought there, friends, experience, etc. and i was there with an agenda to teach, and i seem to be releasing all of that, therefore agendaless and not much seeking, except finding my path of my new time-line. Rather uncertain but open to possibilities. i will do what is brought to me to do, but i am just waiting for direction. i think that's the next stage in our development, really integrating with, and surrendering to higher self, by being less active at defining things, we are more liberated to leave behind the obsolete, by surrendering to higher self, we get higher results and become integrated with the all.

Perhaps "control" is a survival strategy to compensate for a historical pattern of being out of control due to a practical lack of "right" to establish appropriate boundaries. If one is out of control with boundaries, then has to control the merged space. As children, few of us have the functional right to assert our own boundaries and reality. As we reclaim our sovereignty as creators, finally everything becomes appropriate and we can release "control". Another variant is "healing".

Contemplating who I've become, what I'm about, and how to describe that to others. From individual ego level what percepts am i contributing to my new time-line's definition, versus the formation of it from higher self? Obviously alignment in those would be good :-) Part of my process includes deleting old articles from my website, as i release my old time-line and its reality.

I'm the center of my ego illusions, really! It all seems to come down to our own self generated "story" of interpretation of reality as perception. I'm doing my best to rewrite it totally. The difference in all the time of my life, is really to now beleive i have the power to change reality, somehow, magically, whereas before i did not. i was reminded of that today in meditation too.

i don't let entities connect lower down than my higher self. The crystal faeries tell a picture story to my higher self who communicates that down through my mental level which can speak or type that in words.

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