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12th October 2013

"There is a longing in the hearts of many for a completion, a fulfillment. The sense of incompleteness is an awareness of the separation game which [mankind] have been playing. The separation has been multifold, but most significantly includes separation from spirit and separation from body. The 'spirituality' movement is an attempt to reunite with spirit. It is far less popular or permissable to reunite with body, sensuously, playfully. Of course, the 'elephant in the living room' is the fact that the majority of the population does not even own their own bodies; citizens are wards of the state, mere chattel property, held by the trust corpse-oration(s) as surety for the bonds issued with the bodies as the collateral. This is why carnage in war is known as 'collateral damage', it's all about commerce. For the duration of a [mankind] life, the incarnate soul is imprisoned in the body reality, therefore, if the body is in bondage, so is the soul. This is the absolute truth of the majority [mankind] condition. Denial only goes so far. The soul knows the truth."

"As long as one's body is owned by other(s) and / or is indebted to others, it is correct to feel guilty to be using that body for your own play or pleasure. We cannot 'play like a fae' joyfully and freely, sensuously and lightly, while we are burdened with the knowing, no matter how deeply denied, that that body is not ours to enjoy. Our own self relationship, and therefore every relationship with others, cannot be healthy, unless and until we truly feel free in a body we own. One cannot live a healthy life when one is living any incongruence. The greatest incongruence is between the popular lie which one generation inculcates into the next, that 'the people are free', while in absolute fact, the people have absolutely no freedom. We can take all the Tantra playshops in the world, but until we know as truth that we are free in our body, we cannot feel fulfilled.

Finally you may live a spiritual life, following your own spiritual guidance of the moment, your soul's passion and joy to be alive and free, and complying with the simple law of Ahimsa. This is the simple and easy path to completion and fulfillment. This is what is required to achive congruity. This is the prescription for rehabilitation, from the worst drug known to mankind, the drug of debt slavery, which only coddles rather than cures, the sickness known as greed. Greed is sourced in disconnectedness. The thing your soul hungers for, is not something which can be obtained by borrowing bits from a bank to spend at a store. The thing your soul hungers for, is true liberation to flow joyfully and passionately in the moment. The thing your body hungers for, is true liberation to enjoy sensually and passionately in the moment. Our sense of fulfillment and enjoyment can only come from healing that which is incongruous in our being and doing. All external relationships are mirrors of our inner relationship. We must get right with ourself and with source, in order to get right with our lover, friends, or neighbors.

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