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9th October 2013
[lightning bolt]

"There is a sense amongst many people, that there is a 'coming to fruition', an arrival of good news, a good reality, which is reflective of the energies of one of the collective time-lines. There is also a sense of impending calamity, 'everything falling apart', which is the pattern of another time-line in this chaotic node. Both are continuing to play out. Individuals are positioning themselves along one or the other of these collective paths. Some are quite clearly choosing and anchoring into a time-line, based in fear or based in love, but the collective is a confused patchwork quilt of both intermixed. While we crystal faeries and many lightworkers are adjusting energies to prefer positive outcomes for all, it should by now be clear that not all will arrive on the positive time-line. The patchwork may be seen in several ways. It is appearing as variance in time, where groups keep 'changing their minds'. It is appearing geographically where some are creating very positive realities while neighbors or the next town down the road are creating very negative realities. The same is happening within families, and, of course, all of that is a manifestation of this pattern expressing the internal conflicts experienced within an individual."

"It is also happening as a chaotic ride for those hopping time-lines. The reality of the now time-line may be crumbling all around you and inside you, and yet, despite the clear focus and commitment to jump to a positive time-line, despite anchoring into a much better reality, things appear to be getting worse and the doubt may be increasing about the reality of the positive time-line. This is therefore a challenging time or state of progress in the process of time-line jumping. This is the time for the 'perseverence' of which the Hathors spoke."

By way of verifying my spelling, i visited the Free Dictionary, which had no general use definition of 'perseverence', however, in the legal dictionary it referenced 'prowess' which had as its second definition 'prowess (Bravery), noun: absence of fear', thus again pointing to the dichotomy between a reality based in fear and one based in love.
i am inspired at this point to notice that 'love' is an active energy flow in the now.
It is not a mental state nor a quality of either the past or future.
Thus, i am perceiving 'perseverence' as persistance of an active flow of love energy.
We create by investing lovingly our life force energy with focus on an intent.
We must, to succeed, release our doubt, fear, and disbeleif. Will we?
We must, to succeed, beleive in the chosen time-line. Do we?

i spritzed myself with 'Fae Play' essence, shook briefly with little chills up my spine, (and through my non-physical fae wings), and got that little smile again. I'm ready to play with magick.

i remember that the jumping time-lines perseverence is of two factors:

The magick comes in when spirit cocreates with you, filling in the gaps between what you can accomplish with your practical action, and the reality you're intending to be experiencing. In other words, the key is joyful enthusiasm expressed practically, with a feeling of certainty that somehow one's truth will magickally manifest. i also remember The Hathors' warning against 'Magickal Thinking', an impractical 'airey fairey' denial of reality or denial of the necessity of practical action, that it must be more than a thought in one's mind, but rather fully embraced emotionally and vibrationally, and one must continue practical actions within the extant reality-as-it-is-today. i remember that writing this blog of my channelling the crystal faeries is part of my practical daily action :-)

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