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6th October 2013

While the overwhelming content of colloidal silver should render 'Fae Play' biologically inert (cannot become infectious), given that the majority of the essential oils comprising the minority ingredients are themselves rated 'for external use only', the blend should no doubt be treated similarly. i do recommend shaking vigorously briefly before application to reverse any separation of oil from water. Applying to the skin as drops such as on ones wrists takes some alacrity before the thin liquid runs off of the point of application, whereas misting over the head with a mister spray bottle works perfectly to tune one's aura to the essential oils.

Aromatherapy and aura-tonification quickly and effectively shift one's energy into a very positive state. In the ascension process of raising vibrations, these can easily help raise energy vibrations, so they support ascension.

The application of essences as an aura spray, is one of the most beneficial methods of using essences, as they transfer vibrational frequencies directly into one's aura, and are therefore quite tonifying.

i tend to aim a bit more directly at my face to make sure i get a face-full of spray as well as spraying my aura, and in that way they're also aromatherapy. i do inhale (take internally) the mist when i spritz my aura, though i close my eyes, as some of the essential oils are quite strong. It's well known that the effect of smells on consciousness completely bypasses all the ego-filters that affect our other senses, so aromatherapy is a big part of the benefit of essences.

Because the essential oil energies are all from nature, they should only have a positive effect on anyone, however, an overall positive effect in the long run, is not the same as a potential immediate negative reaction.

The Herxheimer Reaction of cleansing may be triggered. An alergy may be triggered, and then the being and body either then can choose to keep the issue / alergy and not heal it, or they can choose to come to peace with the energy, as all is energy (E=MC**2) and so alergies are just frequencies we are in resistance to. Anyone with known alergies would be foolish to trigger them, without a clear intent (and possibly assistance), to heal.

Of course there is no substitute for "medical advice" if you frequent physicians or are legally a ward of the state, and your warden prescribes physicians for your condition. I've discovered I'm alergic to physicians, and I'm not a ward of the state, so, this healer heals herself :-)

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